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Understanding The Cost Of Cabinets For Your Kitchen Remodel

Are you thinking about embarking on a kitchen remodel journey? Before you start tearing down walls and replacing cabinets, it’s important to make sure you understand the cost of cabinets for your project.

Kitchen cabinet prices can vary significantly depending on the materials chosen and labor costs, so setting a realistic budget based on your needs is essential.

Read this blog to learn more about the different types of kitchen cabinetry available and helpful tips on staying within your cabinet budget.

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Kitchen Cabinet Costs

Understanding the factors that affect kitchen cabinet cost, such as type and materials, allows you to make informed decisions about your remodel budget.

Door Style

The style of the cabinet doors affects the cost of cabinets, as traditional designs with flat-panel doors will be less expensive than those with raised-panel doors. 

Shaker and inset styles are usually more expensive due to their intricate detailing.

Cabinet Construction

The type of cabinet construction used will impact the cost, as stock cabinets that are pre-made and ready for installation are much cheaper than custom or semi-custom cabinets. 

Custom cabinets offer a greater level of detail, quality, and longevity but at a significantly higher cost.

Materials Used

If you want cheap kitchen cabinets, consider plywood or solid wood for materials. 

Luxury materials like marble, metal or stone will also increase the project’s overall cost.

Finish Options

Cabinets with a darker finish require more time to apply and may incur additional labor costs than lighter finishes. 

Also, selecting a high-gloss finish instead of matte can lead to higher expenses.

Additional tailored options such as pullouts, tilt outs, built-in appliance panels, including special storage solutions can add up quickly to the overall project’s budget. These are called cabinet add-ons and have a significant impact on your cabinet’s functionality.

Types Of Kitchen Cabinets And Their Costs

Understanding the different kitchen cabinet types and associated costs is essential for homeowners looking to make informed decisions during their kitchen remodel. The following table breaks down the three main types of kitchen cabinets – stock, semi-custom, and custom – along with their average costs, pros, and cons.

Type of Kitchen Cabinet Average Cost Pros Cons
Stock Kitchen Cabinets $60 to $200 per linear foot Most affordable option. Readily available. Quick installation Limited design choices. Standard sizes. Potentially lesser quality materials
Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets $100 to $650 per linear foot More design options than stock cabinets. Customizable sizes and configurations. Higher quality materials More expensive than stock cabinets. Longer lead time. Additional cost for customization
Custom Kitchen Cabinets $500 to $1,200 per linear foot Completely tailored to your space. Endless design possibilities. Highest quality materials Most expensive option. Longest lead time. Additional cost for design and consultations
Off-shite kitchen cabinets with silver pulls
New kitchen cabinets with drawers filled with utensils and tools

Tips To Stay Within Your Cabinet Budget

Having a plan and understanding all aspects of the cost of cabinets is key to staying within budget. Knowing what materials, finishes, and hardware you’re looking for helps keep costs low while still achieving the kitchen of your dreams.

Set A Realistic Budget

Setting a realistic budget is essential to having a successful kitchen remodel. It’s important to assess your needs, research cabinet costs, and consider factors such as the size of your kitchen, desired materials, and labor cost when setting a budget.

You can also get valuable insights using tools like online remodeling calculators or consulting contractors for their estimates. Additionally, visiting stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s can help you initially gauge price ranges from different styles of cabinets in the market.

Consider all these factors before deciding on what type of material or style you want for your cabinets because not all are equal in price; custom cabinetry typically carries higher prices than stock options but may be worth it if craftsmanship matters most to you.

It’s important that every penny counts towards achieving the perfect space without overspending, so plan carefully and set realistic expectations.

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Prioritize Your Cabinet Needs

It’s important to take a realistic approach when planning kitchen cabinetry – be aware of the budget, needs, and wants regarding storage, design, and materials. When prioritizing your cabinet needs, ensure that function is given priority over aesthetics.

To determine what type and size cabinets you will need to consider your cooking habits and what items should be stored in each cabinet; this can help maximize space without sacrificing style.

A big part of saving money on kitchen cabinets involves opting for preassembled or RTA cabinets instead of custom-built ones, which can require weeks to complete fabrication.

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Consider Alternative Cabinet Materials

You can get creative while staying within budget when it comes to kitchen cabinet materials. Alternative options such as unfinished wood, thermofoil, and melamine are becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen remodeling process.

With these materials, you can save money and still achieve an attractive look for your cabinets. Unfinished cabinetry is cost-effective for those wanting a custom-painted or stained look without spending too much. RTA drawers and doors are affordable because they come flat-packed with little labor involved in the assembly.

Plus, painting or staining your own unpainted wood allows you more control over the color palette of your cabinets – so you can really make them pop! Thermofoil is another potential material choice that provides a glossy texture but costs less than other finishes such as laminates and veneers.

It’s also easy to maintain since it resists fading better than lacquer does. Melamine cabinets have become increasingly popular due to its durability – this material makes good use of particleboard covered with vinyl sealant that prevents moisture from penetrating into surfaces like plywood would allow – plus it’s easier (and cheaper!) to clean/replace if necessary down the line once installed versus solid wood construction.

Both thermofoil and melamine doors can be used with standard stock box systems, further cutting installation time and associated labor costs.

Furthermore, both materials offer ready customization options enabling homeowners ample design opportunities incorporating features such as knobs or handles.

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Get The Best Kitchen Remodelers in PA

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, understanding the cost of cabinets and what factors contribute to that cost can make all the difference in staying within budget while achieving your desired outcome.

With Pellak Construction, you get more than just kitchen cabinet installation; our professional cabinet installer team handles top-of-the-line kitchen remodels for clients in Springfield and more of PA.

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