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Top 4 Kitchen Flooring Material and Their Cost

Choosing the right flooring material for your kitchen can be challenging. There are so many styles, materials, and properties to consider that doing this yourself is nearly impossible.

This blog post will provide information about our top 4 kitchen flooring materials available in the market to help you choose the best one for your home.

We’ll cover different types of flooring associated with their benefits, downsides, and their cost. Let’s begin.

A beautiful tile flooring in a black and white design

Your Floor Needs To Match Your Needs

One effective way to revamp your white kitchen is by installing custom flooring. This investment offers both a distinctive look to your kitchen as well as a range of practical advantages that simplify your life and enhance your home’s value.

Let’s explore some of the essential benefits that come with custom kitchen flooring.


When choosing a flooring material for your kitchen, one of the most important qualities to consider is its durability. Durable kitchen floors are able to withstand heavy foot traffic, spills, and stains while still looking as good as new over time. 

The best materials for this purpose are often solid wood or ceramic tile, both of which can be sources of timeless beauty and dependable performance.

Easy Maintenance

Another important factor to consider when selecting a kitchen flooring material is its ease of maintenance. 

A good kitchen floor should be easy to clean and require little effort or special tools for maintenance. 

The best choice here is often laminate, vinyl, or tile, all of which are easy to clean and maintain.


The cost is another important factor when selecting a kitchen flooring material. You’ll want to choose a material that fits your budget while providing the needed features. 

Depending on your desired look, options like laminate, vinyl, or tile may be the most cost-effective choice for your kitchen.

Aesthetic Appeal

It’s essential that you love your new kitchen floor, otherwise, what’s the point? If you’re after natural beauty, hardwood or real stone slabs are great choices, but they cost more than the alternatives. 

If you want a floor that looks good and doesn’t break the bank, laminate or LVP are great options that mimic the natural look of wood, without its downsides.

What Are the Best Flooring material For Kitchens?

The best type of flooring will be the one that matches your changing needs and gives you goosebumps every time you enter the kitchen. For some, the natural beauty and comfort of hardwood floors might be it, but for others, the durability and ease of maintenance of tile will be perfect.

Let’s look at some types of floors and what makes them ideal – or not – for your own space.

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1. Hardwood Floors for Kitchen

Hardwood floors are a classic choice for kitchens. They offer an elegant look and come in various colors, grains, and textures. Hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain, but you’ll need to do it more frequently.

However, because wood is a natural material, it can scratch or dent easily if not properly taken care of. Additionally, it’s important to consider that hardwood floors can be expensive depending on the type you choose.

The American walnut is one of the most popular options here in Springfield, PA, but other hardwoods like oak, maple, and cherry are also available. If you want the look of wood but with improved properties and at a more affordable price, engineered wood flooring might be the way to go.

Wood kitchen floors with herringbone pattern

2. Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

LVP is a cost-effective and long-lasting option that many people choose over hardwood floors for their kitchens. With the appearance of real wood but the benefits of synthetic material, it’s a practical and affordable choice.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is also water-resistant, simple to maintain, and diverse in design. Moreover, it can mimic the natural look of any hardwood species or stone.

Luxury vinyl planks differ from vinyl flooring. Vinyl sheet flooring is more water-resistant, but luxury vinyl is more durable and resistant, making it a better choice.

Wood flooring and granite countertop in kitchen remodel in Media

3. Ceramic Or Porcelain Tile

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a great choice for kitchen flooring, offering style, functionality, and affordability.

They are available in various sizes and colors, allowing you to create a unique pattern that complements your style. Tiles are highly durable and easy to maintain, don’t require staining or sealing, and will last for a very long time.

The biggest downside to tile flooring is that your floor will always be cold and hard on your feet.

A kitchen tile flooring with a small, gray carpet

4. Laminate Flooring Material For Kitchen

Laminate wood flooring is a good choice if you desire the appearance of wood without maintenance difficulties. It consists of synthetic layers that provide a real look and is durable and straightforward to clean.

Additionally, it is less expensive than solid hardwood flooring but offers similar warmth and beauty without the need for hardwood floor maintenance.

A downside worth noting about laminate flooring is that it’s not water resistant at all, and as soon as you see water on it, you’ll want to clean it.

Laminate kitchen flooring material in a space with black and white modern cabinets

The Bottom Line

These are the best flooring options, but even so, not all of them will meet your requirements, needs, and preferences.

When it comes to choosing the best kitchen flooring, there are many factors to consider. However, with so many great options on the market, you can find a durable and stylish material by working with a reliable professional.

Here at Pellak Construction, we’ve installed any type of flooring, from cork flooring to natural stone. We’re experts in flooring installation and every other aspect of kitchen remodeling.

If you need help selecting or installing your new kitchen flooring, call today at (610) 543-2479 to discuss your project, or request a free quote right now!