3 Questions To Ask When Buying A House In Springfield, PA

If you’re considering buying a property in Springfield, PA, there are several questions to ask when buying a house to ensure you’re calling the right shot.

Like any city, Springfield is beautiful in its own way, but there are downsides too, especially regarding homes.

In this article, you’ll discover what are some simple questions you should ask before buying a house here.

Let’s begin!

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#1. How Old Is The House?

This is a question you should ask whenever you buy a house, no matter where.

Knowing how old a house allows you to form an idea regarding the issues you’ll confront at some point in time.

For example, older homes will definitely have issues with the flooring, the roof, and even the walls. While the exterior siding and roofing can be replaced rather quickly, the subflooring, the attic, and the insulation in the walls will need to be checked to ensure it’s safe, efficient, and still functional.

Needless to say, if they’re not, you’ll have to also consider the amount of money you’ll invest in making the place livable for you and your family.

#2. When Was The Last Time You Remodeled?

This question is important now because you find out when was the last time the previous owners remodeled, but you’ll discover how much care they took in their home.

If the last time they remodeled was just a couple of years ago, that’s a good sign. It means they took care of the place and they considered it home, at least for the time they’ve been there/

If they’ve never remodeled, or if it happened decades ago, the place is probably not up to date. More than that, it probably means it’ll have some serious issues that you’ll need to address as soon as you move in, such as mold and mildew issues, poor electrical installation, and poor plumbing.

Even if they don’t mention any of these issues, you’re better off doing a thorough home inspection before you buy the place.

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#3. Why Are You Selling?

Asking this question is great for a lot of reasons, but most of all, it gives you insights into the situation.

The previous homeowners might move out because of the house, the neighborhood, the situation with other neighbors, and so forth.

If the reason is personal (like if they need money or they’re moving in with their family) that shouldn’t be one of your concerns anyway.

Even if at first they say it’s a personal reason, don’t hesitate to answer if the property has anything to deal with it. After all, you’re about to pay them a good amount of money for their property, so you better be sure about the place you’re buying.

#4. Have You Ever Had Any Issues With...

This could be anything, from plumbing to electrical systems, and from neighbors to authorities.

This question can save you from a lot of problems, such as serious leaks, regular power outages, noisy neighbors, and poor maintenance of the neighborhood.

This question also gives significant insights into the property and the surrounding area, so you can form a more educated opinion on the house you’re about to buy.

There’s one thing to keep in mind here. Even if the property has one of these issues, you shouldn’t downright call it quits. No house is perfect, otherwise, the previous homeowners would most likely keep living there. It’s just a matter of who has the funds to fix to issue and make this place their forever home.

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#5. Would You Mind If We Bring A Home Inspector With Us?

In our list, this is the last question, but also one of crucial importance. Once the owners hear this, they’ll either say yes, or be reluctant to do it.

If they say yes, that’s great. Look online for a good home inspector in the area, talk with him about the situation, and invite him over when you’re going to check out the house. He’ll do his job at inspecting the house while you can check the overall aesthetics and picture yourself living there.

On the other hand, if the owner is reluctant or even refuses to have a home inspector in their home, that says a lot.

It can only mean one thing: he’s probably hiding a major issue with the place, and he’s trying to sell the home for a higher price than what it’s worth. Whether it’s this reason or another, this is a major red flag, and you should tread carefully from that point on.

Other Things To Consider

Besides these questions to ask when buying a house, here are some other things worth keeping in mind and asking if you have the chance.

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If you end up buying a property that needs a remodel or some upgrades, we’re here to help!

We know the state of most homes in Springfield, PA, and we know what neighborhoods suffer the most issues with pests and plumbing. We’ve been around for years now, so nothing can escape our sharp eye and attention to detail.

Ask these questions not to convince yourself not to buy a home but to know exactly what to expect when you step inside as the new owner. Besides, uncovering some issues with the place can lead to a negotiation that’ll go more in your favor!

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