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14 Top Bathroom Backsplash Ideas 2024

You deserve the home bathroom of your dreams. Bathrooms have tons of different components, but one crucial part is your bathroom backsplash. There are a lot of bathroom backsplash ideas, tons of styles, materials, colors, and layouts, so your decision can be overwhelming.

Choosing a backsplash that speaks to your style and vision is not always easy when there are so many options. 

Compiled below are the top bathroom backsplash ideas for 2024, so you can have an easier time selecting the tile backsplash that aligns any bathroom design idea you go for.

When it comes time for installation, trust that Pellak Construction knows the importance of a functional and beautiful home. Our team will transform your bathroom with any of these top bathroom backsplash ideas so that you can relax in your new bathroom in no time.

Beautiful bathroom backsplash ideas with hexagonal marble backsplash

First, Consider Your Bathroom

Before diving into the best backsplash ideas, you should consider the style you want to create for your room. For example, does a relaxing spa retreat, modern touches, or farmhouse look sound more inviting? Whatever it may be, we’ll work with you to determine a backsplash design that works with your bathroom remodel ideas.

1. Select Classic Subway Tiles

The first type of backsplash tile is at the top of the list of bathroom backsplash ideas for a reason. This type of backsplash is the subway tile known for its clean and customizable look.

Options include diverse colors like white, black, gray, and other neutral tones. In addition, you can choose the grout color for another customizable choice. Generally, the tiles lay in a staggered pattern for a definitive look.

metro tile backsplash

2. Try A Herringbone Style

Another backsplash idea is a herringbone backsplash layout. With a herringbone layout, the backsplash tiles stack diagonally in arrows. These arrow-like movements add texture to the bathroom, perfect for some added dimension.

3. Go Big With A Full Slab

Tiles are not the only option for a backsplash. You can also opt for a full slab of something like white quartz, granite, or lightly veined marble for an all-white bathroom. A full-slab backsplash is a sleek, luxurious look for any bathroom.

4. Choose A Pop Of Color

colorful bathroom backslpash

Want something bolder? Go for an inviting color backsplash like deep teal, golden yellow, or periwinkle blue. Whatever the color selection, choosing something that enhances the bathroom vanity and doesn’t clash is essential.

5. Consider Hexagon Backsplash

Hexagon tiles aren’t only for floor tiles. A hexagon backsplash works great for a vintage-style bathroom or mid-century modern lovers. The geometrical shape of the hexagons adds dimension and class to the bathroom.

6. Match Everything With Iridescent Tile

If you want a backsplash that matches everything, you can’t go wrong with an iridescent backsplash. This backsplash picks all kinds of colors, reflecting light at every angle. It’s a popular option for any bathroom idea because there are multiple shapes.

7. Go Boho With Mosaics

Mosaic tiles are perfect for boho bathrooms or for adding a touch of pattern to your room. These mosaics may be all the same tile or a series of different tiles. If they’re not matching, they will lay in some pattern.

You can choose a fan-patterned tile with a bold color like dark blue and white, or go for a neutral gray and white mosaic for a backsplash that never goes out of style.

8. Stay Modern With Concrete Tile

Concrete is a sleek, industrial backsplash option and is a popular backsplash idea due to its masculine style. Let Pellack Construction help you choose from concrete slabs or tiles to create a thoroughly modern look for your bathroom.

Butcher block countertop with vessel sinks and black faucet on wall

9. Be On-Trend With An All Black Backsplash

A popular home trend is accenting with moody hues like black and dark gray. Try this style for your backsplash by installing an all-black backsplash in whatever design you like.

Be sure to select black grout to achieve a seamless, dark finish. A black backsplash allows you to pick matte and glossy finishes for even more customization.

10. Consider A Stacked Stone Backsplash

If you dream of a bathroom that resembles a lodge or a relaxing retreat in the cabins, then a stacked stone backsplash is a perfect idea. Stacked stone, or ledger stone, produces a rustic look that evokes the natural elements adding a distinct, rocky texture to your bathroom wall.

This is one of the bathroom backsplash ideas that’ll give uniqueness to your space and will make all your guests want one themselves.

11. Try A Shiplap Backsplash

Farmhouse design lovers rely on this common backsplash technique. Shiplap consists of planks of wood that are either painted, stained, or left natural. A popular option is to paint the shiplap white for a crisp farmhouse bathroom.

12. Go Vertical Instead

Want to add height to your bathroom? Try laying your backsplash tile vertically instead of horizontally.

A vertical backsplash forms an upward motion behind your bathroom vanity. Technically, many tiles work vertically. However, for a daring look, pick a rectangular tile that climbs up the wall and creates dimension.

vertical bathroom tile backsplash

13. Mermaid Tiles For A Beachy Look

Another backsplash tile idea is the uniquely shaped mermaid tile. This tile features a scalloped look that resembles scales.

There are many color options in mermaid tiles, from white, blue, purple, and green. Be sure to choose the color you love, then soak up the beachy bathroom.

14. Go Earthy With Pebble Stone Backsplashes

The last of our bathroom backsplash ideas is a pebble stone backsplash. A pebble wall looks incredibly natural, and it creates a spa-like ambiance.

There are one colored pebble wall and natural-looking pebble walls with color variation. Whichever you prefer, note that a pebble backsplash is a distinctive option for a bathroom backsplash.

Always Consult With Construction Professionals

It’s critical to have a professional construction company complete your backsplash installation. When making your incredible bathroom vision come to life, let the professionals do their work so you can sit back and relax.

Whatever bathroom backsplash ideas you love most, you can transform your bathroom into an in-home spa retreat with Pellak Construction. We offer a complete bathroom remodeling service for homeowners in Springfield, Broomall, Havertown, and surrounding areas!

Get your free quote today or call us directly at (610) 543-2479 to discuss your upcoming remodel!

marble counter with black backsplash