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Professional Countertop Installation In Springfield, PA

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Countertop installation

When doing a kitchen remodel, one of the main upgrades you’ll want to focus on will be new kitchen countertops. Especially if you’re upgrading your cabinets, replacing the countertops will be a must, as the existing ones probably won’t fit the new design and style.

But for the countertop installation to go smoothly, you’ll want to work with a reliable expert to ensure your kitchen is picture-perfect.

Here at Pellak Construction, we offer the best countertop installation in Springfield, PA. With us, you’re guaranteed a quick and efficient kitchen remodel with new countertops that look spectacular!

Beautiful kitchen with quartz countertop installation

High-Quality Countertop Installation From An Expert

Our service goes beyond keeping promises. We provide perks that no other contractor in the area offers so you can enjoy a smoother countertop installation experience. Every project we handle raises the remodeling standard, and we are excited to provide the same for your project!

Get ready to enjoy:

The Benefits Of Installing New Kitchen Countertops

New kitchen countertops come with several benefits that you can’t ignore. From improving the overall look of your space to making your day-to-day life much easier, a quality countertop installation service does it all!

Enhance Your Kitchen's Aesthetics

Having brand-new custom kitchen cabinets with dated countertops breaks the flow of your kitchen, and everyone will know something’s up. New countertops will tie everything together and help you create the kitchen of your dreams – one that’s fully functional and perfect.

New Countertops Boost Your Home's Value

Kitchens are one of the biggest selling points of a house, and home buyers love seeing kitchens that don’t need any further remodeling or upgrades. New countertops will also boost your home’s value, so you can sell the place for more without investing a lot of money.

Good Countertops Make Everything Easier

The old laminate countertops that most homeowners choose to replace look dated and fail to meet today’s needs in the kitchen. Newer countertops are much easier to maintain, more resistant, and more functional in your kitchen.

Talking about remodeling, we offer a great kitchen remodeling service in Springfield, PA, and surrounding areas! Don’t miss out on the best deal you can get around here!

Our Customers Love A Quality Countertop Installation

As part of our kitchen remodeling projects or as a single upgrade, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners with their countertop installation. We’re precise, accurate, and highly skilled in taking care of everything, so you can rest assured your new counter space will look pristine!

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Lisa Palombi​


These guys provide the cleanest construction area of any contractor I’ve ever seen. The crew is very professional and respectful. My property was cleaned each day and kept as organized as possible for major construction.

They arrived timely every day and completed the project promptly; my questions were addressed immediately; and at the end of the project, my interior was professionally cleaned and organized. ANY question, no matter how insignificant, was welcomed and addressed. I recommend consulting them for any home project.

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Sean Finan


Andy and his crew performed a kitchen remodel for my family in Springfield, PA. Andy really guides you through the design process and makes sure your vision becomes a reality. The construction process went very smoothly.

The crew made sure that the dust and debris created during demolition and construction did not creep into the other rooms in our house. 

Also, at the end of every work day, the kitchen was cleaned up. There were never any loose nails to worry about stepping on. The final touches on the kitchen were very well done, from fine lines on the paint job to tight joints on crown molding, the attention to detail well exceeded our expectations. Thanks, Andy, Drew, Tom, Ray and Tony! We love our new kitchen!

Most Popular Countertop Materials In Springfield, PA

There are a lot of countertop materials on the market these days, but only a few are renowned for their functionality and looks. Below, we’ll discuss the most popular countertops for your upcoming project.

Granite countertop

Granite Countertops

Due to their timeless beauty and durability, granite countertops are one of the most popular choices in Springfield, PA. 

Granite is highly resistant to wear and tear, heat, and scratches, making it perfect for residential and commercial projects. It’s also available in various colors and patterns for maximum customization. Additionally, it’s also a great option for outdoor kitchens.

Quartz countertop

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are the way to go if you want something similar to granite but without maintenance requirements. 

Quartz is one of the most durable materials on the market and is incredibly resistant. Plus, since it doesn’t need sealing or other special care, quartz is perfect for busy families. 

Quartz meets most homeowners’ needs and comes at a reasonable price.

Marble countertop

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are a timeless classic that brings a unique touch of elegance to any kitchen. 

As one of the most sought-after materials for kitchen remodels, marble countertops offer good durability and ease of maintenance, making them an ideal choice for a kitchen without too much traffic. 

Marble, however, is pricier and prone to scratches.

Laminate countertop

Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops are one of the most economical choices for your kitchen remodel, but also the countertops with the most downsides. 

They come in various colors and patterns, so you can easily match them with your existing decor or choose something completely new. 

In fact, you can have them custom-made to mimic the natural look of stone or wood. They’re easy to install, but won’t last nearly as long as quartz or granite.

Why You'll Want A Professional On Your Countertop Installation

Installing your kitchen countertop with the wrong contractor can result in a lot of problems, from breaking an expensive granite slab to installing it wrong. Our best recommendation is to work with a reliable contractor that knows what he’s doing. Here’s why:

You'll Work With An Experienced Installer

Professional countertop installers have the experience and expertise to properly install your countertops. They know what can go wrong, what’s the best way to install any countertop, and more importantly, they’ll do it much quicker than a newbie.

Better Prices And Materials

Professional installers that do this for a living usually get preferential prices on materials because they’re buying more than you would. They also have access to better materials, and they can provide advice on which materials are best suited for your needs and budget.

They're Licensed And Insured

Professional installation not only ensures that your countertops are installed correctly and safely but working with a licensed and insured contractor helps you avoid paying out of your pocket for any potential accident – like breaking the countertop slab.

You'll Enjoy The Process

Here at Pellak Construction, we’re doing everything in our power for you to fully enjoy the excitement of getting this upgrade. We keep you in the loop and address all of your concerns as soon as possible. You’ll go through a process designed with your comfort in mind.

Countertop Installation That Keeps Your In The Driver's Seat

We have designed our process flow to make everything easy and intuitive for you. Your needs and preferences are our top priority, and we are making every effort to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your countertop installation.

Blueprints of a home



We help define the best countertop and material for your needs.

Countertop installation by a professional contractor



We bring your vision to life with great attention to detail.

Butcher block countertop



Your new countertop is ready! Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions On Countertop Installation

There is a debate about the most durable material for kitchen countertops, but the two most popular choices are granite and quartz. Granite is a natural material that produces unique slabs with beautiful colors and veining. On the other hand, quartz is a human-made material that is highly durable, stain-resistant, and will not crack or chip.
Laminate is a cost-effective countertop material that is made by bonding layers of plastic to particleboard to create a durable surface. However, it only comes in a limited selection of colors and patterns, and preformed countertops with a built-in backsplash are your only option.
Although granite is not as popular as quartz and quartzite, it is still a reliable option for countertops. Despite requiring sealing, it is highly durable and easy to maintain, making it ideal for kitchen use.
On average, installing kitchen countertops can cost anywhere between $1,858 and $4,177, but the price can vary depending on the size and type of material used. The cost can range from as low as $400 to as high as $8,000 for some installations.
Countertop material samples

Get Your Kitchen Countertops Installed With A Reliable Pro

At Pellak Construction, one of our favorite projects to work on is remodeling kitchens and installing new countertops. We personally love granite and quartz, and we’ve installed hundreds of these for homeowners all over Springfield, PA, and its surroundings.

With us, you’re getting a quick and efficient service that ends with complete satisfaction and a spectacular countertop worthy of remodeling magazines.

If you’re ready to get the perks of working with a top-tier contractor, this is your best chance. Work with us and enjoy:

Good Prices And Quality Service From Pellak Construction

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