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Heated Floor Installation In Springfield, PA

Looking to install heated floor for your home in Springfield, PA?

Heated Floor Installation Springfield Pa
Want to get heated floors for your home in PA? Here at Pellak Construction, we’ve installed hundreds of floors with some of the best heating systems in the market. These upgrades are sure to uplift your home’s comfort and functionality but also impress everyone who steps inside your home.

Benefits of Heated Floors

Heated floors offer a wealth of benefits that extend beyond mere comfort. Below, we discuss some of the most popular advantages of radiant floor heating systems.

More Efficient Heating

Radiant heat flooring excels in providing efficient heating by utilizing radiant heat technology. Instead of working like a traditional furnace that blows hot air into the room, heated floors distribute warmth directly into the living space starting from the floor.

This approach ensures a more uniform and efficient distribution of warmth as heat naturally rises. As such, there are no cold spots or drafts, which are often associated with conventional heating methods.

More Energy Efficiency

A radiant heating system will heat up faster and maintain the desired temperature with less energy. This is because the entire floor surface effectively becomes a heat emitter, resulting in a more consistent and comfortable indoor climate at a lower temperature setting.

Consequently, this increases energy efficiency and can significantly reduce your home’s heating costs.

Long-Term Reliability

Heated floors not only provide efficient heating but also offer low-maintenance benefits. These systems are seamlessly integrated into your home’s structure, reducing wear and tear and ensuring long-term reliability. With no need to replace filters or clean ducts, heated floors present an elegant and hassle-free solution for home heating.

Enjoy a heated floor installation service that gets you the best results in and around Springfield, PA. We focus on precision and attention to detail so your home’s heated floor will be fully functional and won’t create any problems for as long as you’ll live there. Get your free quote by filling out this form, and let’s talk!

Heated Floors Installation Cost In Springfield, PA

The cost of installing heated floors can vary significantly based on a number of factors.

First, the size of the area you want to heat plays a crucial role in determining the overall cost. For instance, heating a small bathroom will cost significantly less than heating a large living room.

The type of heating system you choose also impacts the cost. Electric systems, which are easy to install and ideal for smaller areas, tend to be less expensive upfront than hydronic systems. However, hydronic systems which use water to transport heat, are more energy-efficient and can lead to savings in the long run, despite a higher initial cost.

Additional factors influencing the cost include the flooring type, whether you’re installing in a new construction or a renovation, and local labor rates. As a rough estimate, homeowners in Springfield, PA can expect to pay between $20 to $30 per square foot for heated floor installation.

Remember, while heated floors do entail an upfront cost, they also provide a high return on your investment in terms of comfort, energy efficiency, and a potential increase in your home’s value. It’s also important to note that we at Pellak Construction work closely with our customers to provide detailed quotes and explore the most cost-effective options without compromising on quality.

Why Hire A Professional To Install A Floor Heating System

If you want to install radiant heat flooring, don’t do it by yourself. Installing radiant heat flooring requires expertise to ensure functionality, durability, and safety. After hundreds of floors installed, it’s safe to say we’ve mastered this trade.

Time Efficiency

For a homeowner trying to navigate this task alone, it could take days or even weeks longer, given the learning curve and lack of proper tools. With our proficiency, you can have your heated floor installed and operational in the shortest possible time, allowing you to enjoy the comfort and efficiency of your new heating system sooner. Trained professionals, like our team at Pellak Construction, have the knowledge and expertise to promptly and properly install the system.

Quality of Work

A DIY approach can often lead to mistakes due to lack of experience, which can compromise the system’s performance or even result in costly damage. An experienced professional brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring the installation process is done correctly the first time. This expertise includes understanding the best materials to use, the optimal configuration of the heating elements, and the necessary preparations for the subfloor to ensure the system operates efficiently.


A DIY approach, while seeming appealing initially, can result in inadvertent errors, such as incorrect positioning of heating elements or improper handling of materials, leading to potential malfunctions and subsequent costs for rectifying them. Hiring a professional for heated floor installation can significantly contribute to cost-effectiveness. An expert understands the nuances of the installation process and can effectively avoid pitfalls that could potentially lead to expensive repairs. This also extends the lifespan of your heated flooring system, securing your investment for a longer period.


Electric floor heating systems typically consume 12 watts per hour per square foot, resulting in a total usage of 1200 watts per hour for a 100-square-foot room. This is 300 watts less than the average space heater consumes.
If you have access to your floor joists from underneath your house, then it is indeed possible to install radiant heating beneath an existing floor. This method allows for the efficient heating of your space while maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of your current flooring setup.
Despite the numerous advantages of underfloor heating, it is crucial to consider the potential drawbacks before making a purchase decision. These disadvantages encompass the costs associated with installation, the time required for installing hydronic systems, and concerns related to floor height issues.
The temperature of the floor can range from 75 – 97ºF (24 – 36ºC) based on the sub-floor and floor covering. However, the typical comfortable range is 77 – 84ºF (25 – 29ºC).
The biggest concern with any heater that uses hydronic power (i.e. heated water) is that the pipes may start to leak. This is rare, thankfully, but still a risk. It’s most likely to occur if there are shifts in the floorboards or any other flooring material, which puts stress on the joints and leads to leaking.

A Heated Floor Installation You Can Trust

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