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Bathtub To Shower Conversion in Springfield, PA

Save up bathroom space with a bathtub to shower conversion in Springfield, PA.

bathtub shower converted Springfield Pennsylvania

Efficiency and convenience are the main reasons people have in mind when converting their bathtubs to showers. It’s about getting the job done well and fast. A proper shower space is designed in such a way to maximize space and avoid splashing water everywhere

Let’s face it…no one has time to wait for the bathtub to fill up, and spend 45 minutes soaking in hot water like a sponge (sitting in the same water that you used to clean with is weird to begin with – seems unhygienic).

Showers are the ideal choice if you prefer speed, efficiency, and convenience. Check out our bathroom remodel offer to see your options, or call us today at (610) 543-2479 if you’re ready to make the change!

bathtub shower converted Springfield Pennsylvania by Pellak Construction

Get Your Bathtub Converted To A Shower By The Best Team In Springfield

Working with the best of the best is essential if you want amazing results that last. Choosing to go cheaper now on the labor will cost you 5 times down the line in repairs and issues. Avoid all the issues that could come up in time by working with us here at Pellak Construction.

You’re guaranteed great results, craftsmanship that lasts and that won’t break the bank. You get to have your cake and eat it too. No more choosing between price and quality – with us you can get both, and more! Here’s what working with us gets you:

Choosing The Right Shower Type

Designed to fit into a corner, these showers maximize space while offering a stylish and functional solution. Corner showers are suitable for both small and larger bathrooms.

Corner shower marble tiling in contemporary bathroom

Open and barrier-free, walk-in showers provide easy accessibility. They often feature a single glass panel or no enclosure at all, creating a modern and spacious feel in the bathroom. Walk-in showers are favored for their contemporary design and accessibility benefits.

Modern Bathroom With Glass Walk In Shower

Steam showers are a luxurious addition to bathrooms, transforming the daily shower routine into a spa-like experience. These specialized enclosures are equipped with a steam generator, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of steam therapy alongside traditional shower functions.

This is ideal for people who want to add a little more SPA vibes to their showers whilst still keeping the small footprint of a shower.

Farm House Steam Shower with Beautiful Glass Enclosure

Here's What Top Of The Line Remodels Look Like

These pictures are meant to fuel your vision and show you what’s possible. From an old bathtub to a gorgeous shower in a matter of days!

Over 160 remodeling projects

75+ years of combined construction experience

10+ years of design experience

For a full remodeling experience, check out our bathroom remodeling service for price estimation and our portfolio showcase.

The Costs of Bathtub To Shower Conversion in Springfield

The costs vary greatly from project to project and it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific amount. The price will depend on the amount of work that needs to be done and the choice of materials.
We offer free, accurate quotes on-site after we get a better understanding of your project.

Testimonials From The Springfield Community

After 16 years in this business and hundreds of families that we collaborated with, it’s clear that we’re here to stay and the people of Springfield are happy about that. Their joy and satisfaction are our number 1 goal, which is why we prioritize impeccable quality in any service we provide. Here is what your neighbors are saying about us:


Christine Brotschul


We had a wonderful experience using the A.M. Pellak Construction team.

We renovated our kitchen/ family room/ dining room area to create an open floor plan. In addition, we installed a new patio, siding and windows throughout the entire house. From beginning to end, the project was managed and executed in the most professional manner.

The entire team was knowledgeable, polite, professional and readily addressed our concerns. It was also the cleanest construction project we have ever experienced. The level of customer service we received was 5 stars. We love the outcome of the project(s).

We will absolutely use them again as well as recommend to family and friends.


Pamela Mehalick​


Pellak Construction came highly recommended over and over again.

I LOVE my new bathroom. We even had a designer change mid way through the project but that was a seamless transition. The detail to keeping my home and the work space clean was very impressive. The workers were pleasant and courteous.

Both Drew and Andy were at the site on a regular basis. They kept me informed as each part of the project was getting started and completed. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. I can hardly believe it is my bathroom. It may sound weird that someone can love a bathroom space but I DO! I have future plans to renovate my kitchen and they will be the company I call!

Thank you Drew and crew for making my dreams a reality

3 Main Reasons That Make Customers Recommend Us

Working with us ensures you get an effortless process from start to finish. Your time is better spent with your family and friends, creating beautiful memories that will last you a lifetime. The three reasons that make people in Springfield recommend us are:

Besides having access to manufacturer prices, our work helps you avoid costly repairs and maintenance work down the line.

You end up with a truly beautiful shower that you and your family will get to enjoy daily for years to come. Expect guests to ask you about it from now on after they go to use your bathroom.

Expertise like ours is hard to find, which is a key factor that sets us apart from other companies. With over 16 years in the industry, we know all the ins & outs, which means you have peace of mind that your project is in good hands.

Bathtub To Shower Conversion in Springfield - FAQs

A shower is a much quicker and more efficient option compared to a bath. It’s a lot more comfortable and suitable for most people’s lifestyles nowadays.

Such projects can be relatively inexpensive, but that would also depend on the quality and type of materials you are looking for. A bathtub to shower is a great investment that will make your home more sought-after by potential buyers, considering that most people value a shower more than a bathtub.

After deciding on the specifics of your project and having all the materials gathered, our work can usually be done in less than a week.

Count on our team of expert and courteous craftsmen to bring your vision to life. Carefully assembled over the years, our skilled team comprises the finest professionals in the field. Rest assured, our meticulous work is built to endure, providing you with lasting peace of mind.

Convert Your Bathtub To A Shower Today

Andrew Pellak, the owner of Pellak Construction

There are many advantages you will start to experience from day one by opting for a shower instead of your bathtub. Your family will be excited about the new change as well, so let’s connect today at (610) 543-2479 and start working on your bathroom upgrade!

(takes 1-2 min)

Nestled close to Philadelphia, Springfield, PA, captivates with its harmonious blend of suburban serenity and easy urban access. The well-known Springfield Mall invites shoppers with its varied offerings, while Rolling Green Memorial Park provides a peaceful escape. Springfield’s reputation for outstanding schools makes it a welcoming haven for families. With a lively community spirit and the perfect balance of modern conveniences and natural charm, Springfield stands out as an ideal destination.