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Shower to Bathtub Conversion in Springfield, PA

Soak in a luxury tub with a shower to bathtub conversion in Springfield, PA.

White cozy bathroom interior, farmhouse style

Converting your shower into a bathtub is one of the best things you can invest in right now. It’s a great addition to your home both in terms of looks and can boost its market value. It is also one of the most common upgrades our clients go for when we are remodeling their bathrooms.

Many studies are showing how bathing can improve your health, like this article here.
Baths help your body relax, reducing cortisol levels, the stress hormone. Turns out you don’t need an expensive shopping addiction to cure your stress – all you needed was a bath! How cool is that?

Baths can also boost your circulation, especially the peripheral one. Over two decades, a study involving 30,000 people in Japan, a culture long embracing the benefits of hot baths, revealed significant health advantages.

Those who indulged in daily or nearly daily baths experienced a remarkable 28% lower likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease and a 26% reduced risk of stroke compared to individuals bathing less than twice a week.

If this isn’t enough to make you want to jump straight into a bathtub, we don’t know what will…

White cozy bathroom interior, farmhouse style

Get Your Shower Converted To A Bathtub By Professionals

Why Converting Your Shower To A Bathtub Is A Wise Move

There has been an increase in the amount of people who choose bathtubs over a shower and for good reason. From a timepoint perspective, people realized that their lives are hectic enough as they are and that personal hygiene and bathing should be the element of relaxation they deserve.

We’re all about speed and convenience, but we have to draw a line in the sand and regain our time with ourselves at the end of a long day. Cause if not, what’s the next step in boosting productivity? Eating dinner while showering to maximize your work output? Doesn’t sound right…so let us install a beautiful and comforting bathtub that you and your family can enjoy.

The number one reason for getting a bathtub installed is health. You get to live longer and feel less stressed throughout the day; what’s not to love about that?

With showers, there’s a lot of glass doors and walls to scrub. You can get away with end-of-the-week cleaning a lot faster when you have a bathtub to scrub.

Let’s face it, when you throw a bathbomb in your tub and soak in all that perfume, it makes you feel like royalty.

All of these beautiful things come from sitting in a warm body of water inside of your home. We call that a super hot deal!

Newly Replaced Bathtub By Pellak Construction

The Different Types of Bathtubs People Choose In Springfield

This is a space-saving design with three enclosed sides, typically installed against a wall. Alcove bathtubs are practical for smaller bathrooms and are often combined with a shower.

alcove bathtub newly installed

These luxurious tubs stand-alone, adding a touch of elegance to any bathroom. Freestanding bathtubs come in various shapes and materials, such as clawfoot or pedestal designs, offering a focal point for a spacious bathroom.

newly installed freestanding bathtub

Designed to fit into a corner, these bathtubs save space while providing a comfortable bathing experience. Corner bathtubs often come in various styles, including triangular or rounded shapes, making them a stylish and efficient choice for smaller bathrooms.

newly installed corner bathroom style

Also known as platform or deck-mounted tubs, these are installed within a constructed deck or surround. The rim of the bathtub is visible above the deck, allowing for customization of the surrounding aesthetics.

drop in bathtub installed by pellak construction

These bathtubs are equipped with built-in jets, creating a soothing and massaging water experience. Whirlpool tubs are known for their therapeutic benefits, promoting relaxation and relieving muscle tension. They come in various styles, including alcove, freestanding, and corner designs.

whirlpool bathtub installed in Pennsylvania with wood edges

Have A Beautiful Bathtub, Just Like These

Here at Pellak Construction, we have been helping people convert their showers to bathtubs, resulting in beautiful works of craftsmanship, as seen below:

Over 160 remodeling projects

75+ years of combined construction experience

10+ years of design experience

For a full remodeling experience, check out our bathroom remodeling service for price estimation and our portfolio showcase.

The Costs of Shower To Bathtub Conversion in Springfield

The costs depend on the complexity, size, and choice of materials of each project. We offer free project estimates directly at your home, where we can more accurately assess the work that needs to be done. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 or more for a basic conversion.

What Your Neighbors Have To Say About Us

Our customers are over the moon with joy about our services, and we couldn’t be happier! Take a look at what they have to say about their experiences with us:


Christine Brotschul


We had a wonderful experience using the A.M. Pellak Construction team.

We renovated our kitchen/ family room/ dining room area to create an open floor plan. In addition, we installed a new patio, siding and windows throughout the entire house. From beginning to end, the project was managed and executed in the most professional manner.

The entire team was knowledgeable, polite, professional and readily addressed our concerns. It was also the cleanest construction project we have ever experienced. The level of customer service we received was 5 stars. We love the outcome of the project(s).

We will absolutely use them again as well as recommend to family and friends.


Pamela Mehalick​


Pellak Construction came highly recommended over and over again.

I LOVE my new bathroom. We even had a designer change mid way through the project but that was a seamless transition. The detail to keeping my home and the work space clean was very impressive. The workers were pleasant and courteous.

Both Drew and Andy were at the site on a regular basis. They kept me informed as each part of the project was getting started and completed. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. I can hardly believe it is my bathroom. It may sound weird that someone can love a bathroom space but I DO! I have future plans to renovate my kitchen and they will be the company I call!

Thank you Drew and crew for making my dreams a reality

Perks of Working With Us Here At Pellak Construction

There are many reasons for choosing to work with us on your shower-to-bathtub conversion project, but here are the main ones:

We’ve got exclusive access to manufacturer’s prices, so you’ll not only get top-notch quality but also keep more money in your pocket. Our work is built to last, meaning no worries about spending extra down the road on bathtub fixes – it’s a win-win for your wallet

Discover truly one-of-a-kind beauty through our designs. Our unique bathtub designs aren’t just stylish; they’re a statement for your bathroom. Elevate your space with our eye-catching creations and turn your bath into a masterpiece that reflects your personal taste and style.

Trust the experts. Our unmatched expertise sets us apart. With us, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining access to years of know-how that can’t be replicated. Rely on our professionals to deliver exceptional results – because your satisfaction and a perfectly crafted bathtub are our top priorities!

Shower To Bathtub Conversion in Springfield - FAQs

Taking baths gives immense health benefits and helps you regain the time you need with yourself. A beautiful bath also adds to the market value of your property.

The process doesn’t have to be too expensive, ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 or more for a basic conversion. This will give you a huge ROI both directly through increasing your home’s value but also indirectly through the health benefits you receive. Each project is different and we can only give accurate estimates after we have understood your needs.

After deciding on the specifics of your project and having your bathtub ready to install, the conversion shouldn’t take more than a few days.

Our team of skilled and polite craftsmen will help bring your completion. The team has been carefully created over the years, gathering the best of the best. This gives you peace of mind because you can be sure that our work will stand the test of time.

Convert Your Shower To A Bathtub Today

Andrew Pellak, the owner of Pellak Construction

When we’re going to finish your project and you’ll enjoy your first bath in the new tub, the only thing you will regret is not having this done sooner. That’s what many of our clients told us and we believe them 100%. Let’s look at the different bathtub designs that would look good in your bathroom today! Call us at (610) 543-2479 to get started!

(takes 1-2 min)

Springfield, PA, nestled near Philadelphia, charms with a blend of suburban tranquility and urban accessibility. The iconic Springfield Mall beckons shoppers with diverse options. Rolling Green Memorial Park offers a serene retreat. Renowned for its excellent school system, Springfield is a family-friendly haven. These landmarks, coupled with a vibrant community spirit, make Springfield an ideal locale where modern conveniences and natural beauty harmoniously coexist.