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LVP flooring in basement

Are your floors cracked or chipped? Do pieces of flooring come off when you step on them? Then it’s time for new flooring installation.

If the boards or tiles on your floor are bowing or drooping, it’s time to replace them. Possible causes include water seepage from a broken pipe or inadequate drainage around the house’s base.

Discoloration or fading in the flooring material is another warning indicator; this can occur from prolonged exposure to sunlight or from constant use. This can make your flooring appear old, worn, and unattractive, all of which are signs that it’s time for new ones.

If you notice that the floor is making strange noises when you walk on it, this may be a sign of weakened floor joists. If you suspect that your floor may be unstable due to weak joists, you should have a professional look at it immediately.

At Pellak Construction, we can help identify problems with your existing flooring and suggest viable replacement options. We can install flooring suited for your home’s foot traffic based on your needs and budget.

A basement transformed into an in-house gym

The Dangers of Damaged Flooring

The hazards of damaged floors should not be ignored by homeowners. There are several ways in which damage to your floor (such as cracks, missing tiles, or loose boards) can compromise the safety of your home.

For these and other reasons, fixing a damaged floor before it worsens and threatens your home is necessary.

Pellak Construction is a flooring contractor that focused on your needs instead of offering standard solutions. We understand that flooring is not a one-type-fits-all type of deal, so we want to customise your flooring installation project to better suit your taste.

Upgrade the aesthetics and functionality of your home with the flooring of your choice. Pellak Constructions offers professional flooring installation services in Springfield, Broomall, Havertown, Newtown Square, Bryn Mawr, and more of PA.

The Zero-Headaches Flooring Installation Process

We want to make flooring installation as easy as possible for you. If you’re not sure where to start we can provide practical and budget-oriented solutions if you’re unsure where to start.

Blueprints for flooring



We’re always open to discussing your flooring needs. We can recommend the optimal solution for your home.

Hardwood floor installation



Once we have every detail nailed down, we’ll proceed to install your new floors. We always make sure we don’t leave a mess behind.

New hardwood floors



Take full advantage of your new floors and boost the aesthetics of your home with this simple upgrade.

Types of Flooring

You’ve decided that you want to get rid of existing flooring and go with something newer, more modern, and better suited for your home. Since we want you to stay on top of things and explore your options, allow us to guide you through the different types of flooring options at your disposal.

Natural hardwood flooring in herringbone design

Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is milled from a single piece of wood and is entirely made of wood. Hardwoods like maple, walnut, oak, and cherry are all rather common. Many people look for it when shopping for flooring because of its high quality and adaptability.

Hardwood floors are beautiful and durable, but they do require regular maintenance, such as monthly cleaning with a hardwood floor cleaner and refinishing every 3 to 5 years.

Engineered hardwood floors

Engineered Wood Flooring

The price of engineered wood flooring is far lower than that of solid wood, yet it still has the same natural appearance. 

The flooring is made of a thin hardwood layer glued to a high-quality plywood base. It can last as long as solid hardwood if properly maintained.

Laminate floors

Laminate Flooring

Laminated flooring typically consists of a top plastic layer and a wood fiber base layer. These floors are similar to wood floors in that they feature mechanical joints, making them convenient to install.

The top layer is typically offered in various styles, such as faux wood and stone. The same top layer of laminate flooring is plastic. Therefore it cannot be sanded to restore its original appearance.

Vinyl flooring installation

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring, like laminate, comes in various styles and colors. They both consist of the same five layers: a tough exterior, a decorative interior, a vinyl core, a glass-fiber intermediate layer, and a bottom layer. Vinyl is soft to the touch and effectively muffles noise.

This makes it a common choice in spaces with a lot of background noise, such as kids’ bedrooms. As they are impervious to water and humidity, you’ll also find them in many kitchens.

Tile flooring installation

Stone & Tile Flooring

Stone and tile floors are extremely long-lasting. Stone floors are beautiful and durable, but they may get cold in colder climates, so it’s crucial to think about installing underfloor heating if you go that route.

Depending on the color, stone floors might be challenging to keep spotless. Stone flooring is beautiful and practical in many different rooms and areas of the home.

Concrete flooring

Concrete Flooring

Luxury construction companies and interior designers have used this humble construction material as a chic surface for flooring and kitchen counters. You can either leave a poured-in-place concrete floor in its standard institutional gray hue or add color with dyes.

In addition, it is adaptable to a wide variety of surface treatments, each of which can produce a one-of-a-kind look.

Linoleum flooring

Linoleum Flooring

There is always linoleum to consider for people who want an eco-friendly approach to new flooring installation. Customers that are installing linoleum in their kitchens, bathrooms, or even new home gyms tend to be more affluent.

Linoleum’s distinctiveness and retro appeal are big draws, but its eco-friendliness is a big one, too. Many more variations in form and hue are available in the most recent iterations. Moreover, linoleum is resistant to UV damage and offers a plush feel underfoot.

Cork flooring

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is another specialty flooring option that is manufactured from a sustainable resource: the bark of cork trees. The category has a particularly wide variety in quality, so sourcing it from a specialized flooring merchant who can help lead you to a top-performing product is preferable.

This is one of the most pleasant flooring options for eco-friendly homes because of its natural lightness and airiness. It is an excellent choice for moist areas like bathrooms and kitchens as it does not get slick when wet.

You can get help in choosing the right flooring material for your home here at Pellak Construction. Take advantage of our incredible team that offers floor installation in Springfield, Broomall, Havertown, Newtown Square, Bryn Mawr, and more of PA!

Why It's Best To Go For Professional Flooring Installation Services

Homeowners who want to replace their flooring may think about doing it themselves. Although it’s feasible to handle the work yourself, hiring a professional contractor is usually best.

One reason to hire a professional is that they already have the training and knowledge to complete the work correctly. They can accurately measure and install whether it’s hardwood, tile, or vinyl.

This can help your floors retain their beauty and functionality for a long time to come. And they can use high-quality materials that you won’t find in stores or online.

Having a professional’s opinion on what flooring would work best in your home is another perk of hiring a contractor. 

They can advise you on flooring options less susceptible to moisture damage, for instance, if you happen to live in a very humid region.

They may also advise you on what colors and patterns will complement your current furnishings.

Hiring a contractor to manage the installation process can save you both time and money. Many contractors will stand behind their work with a warranty and provide flooring costs savings on materials through bulk orders and relationships with vendors.

This means less time spent traveling to several shops and marketplaces in search of the best deal on the product you need.

Finally, make sure that all warranties are in writing and that you understand exactly what is covered under each one before signing off on anything. This will help protect you in case something goes wrong after the installation is complete.

Poorly installed floors can cause major headaches down the road if not done correctly by an experienced professional. Do your research ahead of time and take extra precautions during the installation process to ensure that your floors are properly installed so you don’t have any problems later on down the line!

At Pellak Construction, we are dedicated to offering customized solutions and on-point advice tailored to the needs of your home and family.

This Is How Your Home’s Floors Can Look

Here’s what your new floors  can look like when installed by a professional. We can guarantee full efficiency, and if anything goes sideways, you can take full advantage of our 5-year workmanship warranty and have it fixed in to time, free of charge!

Your Flooring Installation Questions, Answered

The average flooring installation cost is $3,000, with $1,500 being the starting point and $4,500 usually being the maximum cost. Floor installation prices are typically listed per square foot, so make sure to ask professional installer for the overall pricing quote. However, flooring installation costs vary based on the room size you want to upgrade and the type of flooring you choose. Labor costs are included in the price estimate we give our clients.

Depending on the material you select, the flooring installation procedure may change. Here are some general steps to give you an idea of what the installation process may look like.

The space must be ready for the flooring installation. It’s important to remove the old flooring, fix any subfloor damage, and ensure the subfloor is dry, level, and clean before installing the new flooring.

Most types of flooring need time to adjust to the conditions of their new home before they can be installed. This prevents the material from bending and cracking by allowing it to adapt to ambient temperature and humidity.

An underlayment is recommended under laminate and engineered hardwood floors for optimal comfort and thermal efficiency.

The flooring’s actual installation method will be dependent on the material used. For instance, you can staple or nail down solid hardwood flooring but glue or float down engineered hardwood.

Once your new floors are in place, your contractor will do any finish work necessary. This might include installing trim and baseboards.

Putting new flooring can be complex, and it’s crucial to contact a skilled installer to ensure that the job is done right. A specialist can also help you select the best flooring for your needs and guarantee that the subfloor is ready for installation.

One can choose from a wide variety of flooring options, each with its own set of pros and cons. Consider how you plan to use the space, how much you can afford to spend, and your priorities before making a final decision.

Flooring installation can be a complicated process if you don’t have any experience in doing it. We might have to work on the subflooring first and do any repairs and leveling before we actually start installing your new floors. The subfloor has to match the type of flooring you chose.

Once we get that out of the way, we can install your new flooring. Depending on the complexity and size of the project, it can take a full day or expand over several days. In the end, we’ll install baseboard and trim where it’s needed and clean up our mess, so you don’t have to!

A kitchen remodel with new flooor

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Christine Brotschul


We had a wonderful experience using the Pellak Construction team. We renovated our kitchen/ family room/dining room area to create an open floor plan. In addition, we installed a new patio, siding and windows throughout the entire house. From beginning to end, the project was managed and executed in the most professional manner.

The entire team was knowledgeable, polite, professional and readily addressed our concerns. It was also the cleanest construction project we have ever experienced. The level of customer service we received was 5 stars. We love the outcome of the project(s). We will absolutely use them again as well as recommend to family and friends.

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Lisa Palombi​


These guys provide the cleanest construction area of any contractor I’ve ever seen. 

The crew is very professional and respectful. My property was cleaned each day and kept as organized as possible for major construction. 

They arrived timely every day and completed the project promptly; my questions were addressed immediately; and the at the end of the project, my interior was professionally cleaned and organized. ANY question, no matter how insignificant, was welcomed and addressed. 

I recommend consulting them for any home project.

Hire The Right People For The Job

Flooring installation and other home upgrades don’t have to be unpleasant. Not when you work with people who care about you and what they do.

Every one of our clients gets treated with the same respect and professionalism we want to project, regardless of the size of their project.

We want to prove that not all contractors are messy and difficult to work with. We love to answer your questions and provide on-point solutions.

As a decade-old family business, we know our way around homes. Every service we offer is held to high standards.

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