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The Best Drywall Installation And Repair Services In Springfield, PA

Comprehensive drywall installation and repair services, proudly serving Springfield, Broomall, Havertown, Newton Square, and more of PA.

best drywall installation and repair services in springfield

As remodeling experts specializing in kitchen, bathroom, and entire home renovations, we understand the importance of quality drywall work in transforming your living space.

Whether you’re looking to repair existing drywall or install new walls, our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way.

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With Pellak Construction, you can enjoy:

Our Approach to Professional Drywall Installation

At Pellak Construction, we take pride in providing top-notch drywall installation services. When you choose us for your project, you can expect our experienced team to address the following crucial elements, ensuring a seamless and high-quality outcome.

Skillful Drywall Repair and Installation

Our expert drywall contractors possess the necessary skills and experience to handle any drywall repair or installation task. From small holes to extensive damage, we have the expertise to seamlessly restore or install drywall throughout your home.

Understanding Electrical Wires

With our knowledge of electrical wiring, we ensure the safe and careful handling of electrical components during the drywall installation or repair process. Our team knows how to work around electrical wires, minimizing the risk of damage or hazards.

Precise Application of Joint Compound

Our meticulous approach includes the precise application of joint compound. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring a smooth and seamless finish between drywall panels. The result is a flawless surface that blends seamlessly with the surrounding areas.

Expert Handling of Drywall Holes

Regardless of the size of the holes or extent of damage, our skilled professionals assess the situation and determine the most suitable repair method. Equipped with specialized tools such as drywall knives and utility knives, we carefully cut out damaged sections and skillfully patch them, leaving no trace of the previous damage.

Comprehensive Cost Estimates

Transparency is essential to us, which is why we provide comprehensive cost estimates for your drywall installation or repair project. Our estimates cover all aspects, including materials, labor, and any additional services required. We strive to offer reasonable pricing compared to the market, ensuring you receive exceptional value for your investment.

Attention to Every Detail

We believe that every detail matters. Our team pays meticulous attention to each aspect throughout the drywall installation or repair process, from hanging drywall sheets to the final finishing touches. Our commitment to excellence guarantees a beautifully finished result that surpasses your expectations.

A word From Our Past Customers


Pamela Mehalick


During the pandemic it became very noticeable that our house needed updating. I turned to the Facebook community and watched the recommendations as people asked for advice on various home needs. Pellak Construction came highly recommended over and over again.

I am certainly glad I did! I LOVE my new bathroom. We even had a designer change mid way through the project but that was a seamless transition. The detail to keeping my home and the work space clean was very impressive. The workers were pleasant and courteous. Both Drew and Andy were at the site on a regular basis. They kept me informed as each part of the project was getting started and completed. I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

I can hardly believe it is my bathroom. It may sound weird that someone can love a bathroom space but I DO! I have future plans to renovate my kitchen and they will be the company I call! Thank you Drew and crew for making my dreams a reality.


Martin Purcell


We live in Springfield and saw many Pellak projects taking place at the same time we were looking to remodel our kitchen.

We met with Andy and were impressed by the advice he provided as well as his ability to help us get our ideas into the project design. The Pellak proposal was able to separate out various options we discussed so that we could make best decisions within our budget.

Once decisions were made, the Pellak team came up with workable timeframes for the project, kept things in our house organized and clean while work was ongoing and were always available to help us make decisions.

Thanks Andy, Drew and the rest of the Pellak team for our new kitchen which we love. We have continued to use Pellak for other projects in our home and they continue to exceed our expectations.

Marty & Lisa Purcell

Signs It's Time For Drywall Repair

As a homeowner, it’s important to look for signs indicating it’s time to repair your drywall. By recognizing these indicators, you can take proactive steps to address the issues and maintain the integrity and appearance of your walls. Here are six key signs to look out for.

Visible Drywall Damage

Look for visible damage on your drywall, such as cracks, dents, or holes. Whether they are small holes caused by nails or larger holes resulting from accidents, it’s crucial to address them promptly. A good drywall contractor can repair these damages with the use of joint compound and specialized tools like a drywall knife or utility knife.

Spread Drywall Issues

If you notice consistent damage across multiple areas or rooms of your house, it may be an indication that your entire house’s drywall requires attention. A thorough assessment by a reputable drywall contractor can help identify the extent of the damage and develop a comprehensive repair plan.

Crumbling or Flaking Drywall

When drywall begins to crumble or flake, it is a clear sign of underlying issues. This can occur due to moisture damage, poor installation, or aging materials. A professional drywall contractor will evaluate the situation and determine the best course of action, which may involve removing and replacing the affected sections.

Visible Joint Compound Separation

Joint compound is used to create smooth and seamless transitions between drywall panels. If you notice cracks or separations in the joint compound, the compound has weakened or was not applied properly. A skilled drywall contractor can rectify this issue by reapplying joint compound and ensuring a seamless finish.

Structural Integrity Concerns

Any signs of structural compromise, such as sagging or bulging walls, should not be ignored. These issues can be a result of moisture damage, poor installation, or larger underlying problems. A good drywall contractor will assess the situation and determine the appropriate measures to restore the structural integrity of your walls.

Comparison to Reasonable Standards

If you’re unsure whether your drywall requires repair, compare the condition of your walls to reasonable standards. Visible damage, large holes, or overall deterioration should indicate that it’s time to seek professional drywall repair services.
team of contractors installing drywall

We can assess the current condition of your drywall and repair any damage or imperfections when you hire us for your home addition needs.

Drywall Installation and Repair FAQs

Drywall repairs should be considered when you notice visible damage, such as cracks, holes, or significant wear and tear on your walls. Whether it’s a small hole or damage throughout an entire wall or the entire house, it’s essential to address these issues to maintain the integrity and appearance of your living space.

At Pellak Construction, we specialize in drywall repairs and can provide you with expert guidance and solutions tailored to your specific needs.

If you observe widespread damage across multiple areas or rooms in your house, or if an entire wall exhibits visible issues like cracks or holes, it may be a sign that your entire house or that specific wall requires drywall repair.

Our experienced team at Pellak Construction can conduct a thorough assessment, utilizing our expertise to determine the extent of the damage and provide you with a comprehensive plan for repairing your entire house or a whole wall.

Drywall repairs for an entire house or a whole wall typically involve a comprehensive evaluation of the damage, which may include assessing structural integrity, addressing water or moisture issues, and repairing or replacing damaged sections of drywall.

Our skilled drywall contractors have the knowledge, tools, and techniques required to efficiently handle such extensive repairs, ensuring a seamless and professional outcome.

Repairing drywall for an entire house or a whole wall can be a complex task that requires expertise and experience. It’s generally recommended to hire a professional drywall contractor to ensure the best results.

We have a team of skilled professionals who specialize in drywall repairs. By entrusting your project to us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your entire house or whole wall will be expertly restored, avoiding any potential errors or complications.

Drywall installation is typically necessary when constructing new walls or adding partitions to your home.

Whether you’re building a new room, finishing a basement, or creating a separate space within your house, our team at Pellak Construction specializes in professional drywall installation. We can assist you from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation process.

To ensure the quality of drywall installation, it’s crucial to work with a reputable contractor who follows industry best practices.

We prioritize meticulous workmanship, precise measurements, proper sealing of joints, and seamless finishing. We conduct thorough inspections throughout the installation process to maintain the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, resulting in a flawless and visually appealing finished product.

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From small repairs to entire home additions, we have the knowledge, experience, and attention to detail to deliver outstanding results.

Don’t settle for subpar craftsmanship—choose Pellak Construction for impeccable drywall services. Contact us today and let our skilled team of experts handle all your drywall needs.

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