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Professional Kitchen Remodeling In Bryn Mawr

Looking to get a premium kitchen remodel in Bryn Mawr with one of the best contractors in the area? You're in the right place!

A beautiful countertop with an undermount sink and golden faucet

Here at Pellak Construction, we have a lifetime experience in custom design and kitchen layouts that are sure to uplift your entire space. We’re your local kitchen remodeler and we’ve helped hundreds of your neighbors see their vision through.

We started out with a clean slate, offering honest and transparent service to all homeowners. We pride ourselves on being perfectionists, so you’ll get a product that no other contractor in Bryn Mawr has to offer!

Orange countertops with green chairs in a modern kitchen

A Superior Kitchen Remodel That Leaves Everyone Speechless

We strive to ensure that you’re fully delighted with your kitchen remodel. For that to happen, we’re bringing unmatched quality, a smooth process, and much more!

Get ready to enjoy:

Get A New Kitchen That'll Match Your Changing Needs

The kitchen is the beating heart of any home. It’s where laughter rings out over dinner with family, where friends mingle during get-togethers, and it’s a space that should ooze functionality whilst also being inviting.

In short, your kitchen needs to be something to behold.

At Pellak Construction, all of your needs and preferences are held in high regard in order to create a space that is both fully functional and beautiful. From start to finish, we’re dedicated to making sure you love your new kitchen.

Having the kitchen you’ve always dreamt of shouldn’t be just a pipe dream. You’re only one step away from making it happen.

We offer professional kitchen remodeling in Bryn Mawr and all over PA. Check out our offer and work with the most sought-after remodeler in town!

Homeowners In Bryn Mawr Love Their New Kitchens!

We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners already and we’ve made a reputation for being thorough, professional, and a friend to all of our customers.

This is what your neighbors say about working with us!


Christine Brotschul


We had a wonderful experience using the A.M. Pellak Construction team.

We renovated our kitchen/ family room/ dining room area to create an open floor plan. In addition, we installed a new patio, siding and windows throughout the entire house. From beginning to end, the project was managed and executed in the most professional manner.

The entire team was knowledgeable, polite, professional and readily addressed our concerns. It was also the cleanest construction project we have ever experienced. The level of customer service we received was 5 stars. We love the outcome of the project(s).

We will absolutely use them again as well as recommend to family and friends.


Pamela Mehalick


Pellak Construction came highly recommended over and over again.

I LOVE my new bathroom. We even had a designer change mid way through the project but that was a seamless transition. The detail to keeping my home and the work space clean was very impressive. The workers were pleasant and courteous.

Both Drew and Andy were at the site on a regular basis. They kept me informed as each part of the project was getting started and completed. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. I can hardly believe it is my bathroom. It may sound weird that someone can love a bathroom space but I DO! I have future plans to renovate my kitchen and they will be the company I call!

Thank you Drew and crew for making my dreams a reality

Type Of Upgrades And Materials

Homeowners often become overwhelmed by the many materials, features, and upgrades they can get for their kitchen remodel. At our on-site consultation, we’ll help you choose what’s right for your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Let’s begin by looking at the most common upgrades and modifications you may want in your kitchen remodeling project.

Kitchen Cabinets

The visual style of your kitchen cabinets has a big impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen, so it’s important to choose wisely when renovating.

Kitchen cabinets can be:

According to KCMA, the best ROI comes from semi-custom cabinets, so if you’re looking to remodel the kitchen, these are the best cabinet options you can get!

Modern black cabinets with undercabinet lights and a black countertop
White kitchen cabinets and drawers with silver handles


Tiles and other hard flooring materials are becoming more popular because keeping wood floors in good shape is difficult, especially in damp rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.

You may want to consider luxury vinyl planks or tiles instead of wood floors because they are more cost-effective and easy to clean. Their installation is also a lot easier, and they can mimic the look of all wood species, making your floors seem like real hardwood.

Porcelain or ceramic tile is another option worth exploring; however, it can be pricier and difficult to install when compared to luxury vinyl. Natural stone flooring is also more expensive, but it sure helps make a great impression.

If you have wood floors installed, a hardwood floor restoration or floor refinishing will be enough to make your wood floors look like new.

LVP kitchen flooring with a large black island in a kitchen remodel


Many of our clients choose new countertops to match their new kitchen cabinets since old ones are unlikely to match the design or size.

If you’re looking for kitchen countertops that are both functional and stylish, quartz is the way to go. This man-made material has a greater uniformity than natural stone, meaning your counters will have a lovely flow. Quartz is also stronger and more durable than other materials, making it ideal to use in busy kitchens. Its smooth surface means less time spent cleaning it up, and its higher resistance to stains from hot pans or pots means more durability.

Some other countertop options are the classic granite, the luxurious and alluring marble, the functional butcher blocks, or the modern concrete countertops.

Kitchen countertop samples
A granite countertop


Every kitchen must have appliances, but prioritizing what’s most essential is critical to a successful kitchen makeover.

If you have the money, invest in energy-efficient appliances that will save you money on your power bill. If you have the gas lines put in, a gas-infused kitchen range is fantastic if you cook a lot. On the other hand, an electric range will suffice if you’re not a culinary genius.

Dishwashers are an excellent investment because they not only save you time, but money as well. Many people forget that dishwashers actually use less water than washing dishes by hand, making them both environmentally and wallet-friendly.

There are a lot of great kitchen appliances out there, but it’s important to make sure you’re not spending too much on them. Focus on getting what you need so you can budget for other things that are more important.

A kid in front of a kitchen range


By far, the most popular kitchen sink designs are drop-in sinks and undermount sinks. We can assure you no other sink will look and function better in your new kitchen.

What makes a sink truly functional is actually the faucet. An extendable faucet that allows you to move it around and select the ideal water pressure is an upgrade a lot of people love.

A black drop-in sink with a black faucet
White sink with a silver faucet and a plant

Inspiration For Your Upcoming Kitchen Remodeling In Bryn Mawr PA

If you’re searching for inspiration for your upcoming kitchen remodel in Bryn Mawr, here it is! We take pride in our craft and we love seeing how excited our clients are with their new kitchens!

A Kitchen Remodeling Process Designed For Your Convenience

Go through a process built for your convenience and well-being and enjoy the full-on experience of getting a new kitchen.

We’ll work together with you to understand your interests and desires so that your new kitchen is a high-quality, custom-designed space that suits your lifestyle and makes you proud of it!

Blueprints of a home



Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss your project!
The wood frame and the drywalls of a home, exposed in the interior of the home



Sit back, relax, and watch your new kitchen come to life!
A kitchen with traditional cabinets and a tall kitchen island made of wood



Your new kitchen is ready! Enjoy it!

Kitchen Remodeling Project In PA

This kitchen remodel in the Philly area was a 500 ft² space that was looking more dated, rather than traditional. The cabinets still looked decent, but our homeowner wanted to change the entire color scheme and bring a completely new vibe to their kitchen. And that’s what we did.

This kitchen remodel included:

Before After A dated kitchen with wood cabinets and a kitchen table with chairsA large kitchen island with quartz counter and golden hardware on cabinets

We quoted this project at $90k. The kitchen cabinets and the quartz countertops alone came in at $22k.

Frequently Asked Questions

The kitchen is the room in your home with the most wide-ranging remodeling cost because there are so many things you can include, and each of those come with different materials – and subsequently, different costs.

The cost of transforming your kitchen into the ones you see on Pinterest will range between $30K for a simple remodel to $80K for a full kitchen remodel. This might include new or refurbished cabinets, a new countertop, new sink and faucet, new light fixtures, and perhaps even flooring and wall coverings.

After we assess the work that needs to be done, you’ll get a realistic price estimate.

It takes two weeks to do a basic kitchen makeover. This might include new countertops, sinks, and faucets, as well as lighting and paint.

Depending on the design and complexity of your project, a more complete remodel generally takes 4 to 6 weeks. Nonetheless, after our on-site evaluation, you will receive a clear timeline of how your project will progress.

For the past 16 years, we have been raising and perfecting our in-house craftsmen, as well as subcontractors who specialize in trades such as plumbing and electrical work, HVAC systems, and more.

At Pellak Construction, we pride ourselves on top-quality craftsmanship and materials. We’re insured, licensed, and professionally trained in every field of remodeling. We also know the building codes inside out so that you can be confident that you’re getting the highest standards possible.

Simple white cabinets with dark hardware and a butcher block countertop

Time To Get Your Well-Deserved Kitchen Remodel!

If you’ve been waiting a while for the best moment to start your long overdue kitchen remodel, now is the perfect time to get started on your project.

Our three-step process is simple and easy to follow, and you will be updated every step of the way by our construction team. With some of the most skilled tradesmen, designers, and architects in the business working for you, we’ll turn your dream kitchen into a reality.

Work with Pellak Construction and enjoy:

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