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Are Concrete Kitchen Counters The Best You Can Get in 2024?

Concrete kitchen counters are growing in popularity in recent years, and a lot of homeowners seem to be falling in love with them.

They’re easier than ever to build and install, fairly affordable, and give your new kitchen a modern and futuristic look. Couple these counters with a few other upgrades, and you’re ensured a unique kitchen that’ll leave all your guests speechless and in awe.

If you’re curious about different kitchen styles and how you can use a concrete counter to uplift the room, check out NKBA website.

Find all you need to know about concrete kitchen counters before you buy them, and ensure you’re making a real investment that’ll pay off in the long run!

A gray kitchen space with concrete kitchen counters

What Are Concrete Kitchen Counters

Concrete kitchen counters are counters made of concrete poured in various templates to create a strong and reliable slab. It’s the same material used for concrete patios, except it has a different composition and looks better.

As we mentioned already, concrete countertops are popular because they are modern and futuristic looking. They are also easier to build with newer technologies, and installing them is no different than installing a quartz of granite countertop.

Matching The Style Of Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Matching the style of a concrete countertop can prove to be a difficult task very quickly.

If you’re having a traditional kitchen with a lot of wood features, decorative elements (like crown molding and an intricate cabinet design), it’ll be hard to match a concrete countertop with the space.

Sure, you can do it, but you’ll most likely break the vibe of the room and ruin the mood.

If, on the other hand, you’re going for a modern kitchen with gadgets, tile flooring, simple, slab cabinet doors and minimalistic design, a concrete countertop will do wonders and finish the look you’re going for.

Cost Of Concrete Countertops

The cost of concrete countertops will vary depending on the size and shape of the countertop, as well as the complexity of the design. However, on average, you can expect to pay around $60 per square foot for a concrete countertop.

This means that a countertop that’s 10 feet long and 2 feet wide will cost you around $1,200. This is a fairly affordable price, especially when compared to materials like quartz and granite.

Concrete countertop with sink and a plant

What Are The Pros and Cons of Concrete Kitchen Counters?

Now that you know a little more about concrete kitchen counters, it’s time to weigh the pros and cons. This way, you can make an informed decision about whether or not they’re right for your home.

Pros Of Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Cons Of Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Concrete countertop with black faucet

Other Countertop Materials

If you’re not entirely sure about gray concrete tops, there are other countertops materials that’ll bring different style opportunities for your new kitchen.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite countertops are a classic choice that never goes out of style. They’re incredibly durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making them a great option for busy kitchens.

The worst part about granite slabs is that their patterns are very difficult to match and create a smooth flow on your counter space. They’re great to create a focal point, but not so good when looking to create a seamless transition from one area to another.

Granite countertop with silver faucet
A quartz countertop in a kitchen with overhang lights

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz countertops are a popular choice because they’re non-porous and don’t require any sealing or maintenance. This makes them a low-maintenance option for busy families.

They’re a manufactured material, so they have all the advantages of natural stones, without their cons. Quartz is extremely durable, strong, resistant to scratches, chips, cracks, and immune to stains.

This material is our preferred option here at Pellak Construction, and homeowners around PA love it just as much!

Solid Surface Kitchen Countertops

Solid surface countertops are a versatile option that can be customized to match any style or taste. They’re also easy to clean and maintain, making them a great choice for busy families.

Compared to butcher block countertops or a soap stone, a solid countertop surface is simply so much better when it comes to functionality.

Solid surface countertops

Are Concrete Kitchen Counters Right For Me?

Only you can answer this question! Weigh the pros and cons and decide if concrete kitchen counters are right for your new kitchen.

As a rule of thumb, if you’re looking for a modern and unique look, concrete counters are a great option. They’re also a good choice if you’re looking to update your kitchen without doing a complete renovation.

However, they’re not the cheapest option and they require more maintenance than other materials. So, if you’re on a tight budget or don’t want to deal with the extra work, concrete counters might not be right for you.


Concrete kitchen counters are great upgrades you can make for your new kitchen. They’ll bring a different vibe in your space and leave your guests in awe. It’s still a quite rare upgrade, so you’ll probably surprise everyone with it.

Are they the best kitchen countertops you can get? Not necessarily, but they’re impressive!

If you’re not yet sure about your choice, there are some great alternatives that’ll bring the same functionality to your home, with even better aesthetics!

As we said, quartz is the best countertop material on the market these days, so you can’t go wrong with it.

If you want to find out more about concrete kitchen countertops, give us a ring! We offer professional kitchen remodeling services for homeowners in Springfield, Broomall, Havertown, and surrounding areas.

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