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Kitchen Remodeling In Haverford, PA

Get yourself a kitchen you can be fully proud of. Request your free estimate and start today!

Kitchen Remodeled In Haverford Pennsylvania

Transform your kitchen into a masterpiece that reflects your long-term needs and evolving preferences with an exceptional home improvement project. In Haverford, PA, kitchen remodels can range from $25k to over $100k

At Pellak Construction, we offer competitive pricing, comprehensive remodeling services, and the expertise of a reliable kitchen contractor to streamline your journey. Embark on this transformative experience and create a kitchen that truly speaks to you.

Kitchen Remodeled by Pellak Construction
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Andrew Pellak, the owner of Pellak Construction

Andrew Pellak – Owner of Pellak Construction

Hi, I’m Andrew, the owner of Pellak Construction. I first laid hands on a tool when I was 10, and after getting my degree in construction technology, I set out to continue Dad’s legacy. We want to give any old home the same attention as new constructions get. We’ll help you remodel your home so that you can keep your memories intact in your forever place.

Complete Kitchen Remodeling From Start To Finish

Our unwavering dedication is to surpass your project expectations. We offer you the remarkable benefits of partnering with a highly skilled contractor. With every project we undertake, we relentlessly pursue excellence, and yours is no exception!

With us, you’ll get:

Get Inspiration From Our Portfolio!

We bring our expertise in kitchen remodeling to showcase exquisite skills and craftsmanship that seamlessly elevate your new kitchen. Discover our portfolio for innovative ideas that effortlessly complement your space.

65+ kitchens remodeled

in-house designer

3-year workmanship warranty

Andrew Pellak, the owner of Pellak Construction

If you have any questions about your kitchen remodel, including pricing and materials, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (610) 543-2479. Alternatively, you can click the button below to request a complimentary quote. We assure you that we will respond promptly within one business day to discuss your plans in-depth.

Your Neighbors Loved Working With Professionals

We take great pleasure in witnessing the sheer delight of our clients as they wholeheartedly embrace their newly transformed space. Here’s what homeowners have to say about their experience working with Pellak Construction.


Christine Brotschul


We had a wonderful experience using the A.M. Pellak Construction team.

We renovated our kitchen/ family room/ dining room area to create an open floor plan. In addition, we installed a new patio, siding and windows throughout the entire house. From beginning to end, the project was managed and executed in the most professional manner.

The entire team was knowledgeable, polite, professional and readily addressed our concerns. It was also the cleanest construction project we have ever experienced. The level of customer service we received was 5 stars. We love the outcome of the project(s).

We will absolutely use them again as well as recommend to family and friends.


Pamela Mehalick​


Pellak Construction came highly recommended over and over again.

I LOVE my new bathroom. We even had a designer change mid way through the project but that was a seamless transition. The detail to keeping my home and the work space clean was very impressive. The workers were pleasant and courteous.

Both Drew and Andy were at the site on a regular basis. They kept me informed as each part of the project was getting started and completed. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. I can hardly believe it is my bathroom. It may sound weird that someone can love a bathroom space but I DO! I have future plans to renovate my kitchen and they will be the company I call!

Thank you Drew and crew for making my dreams a reality

Kitchen Remodeling Cost In Haverford, PA

With a starting price of $40,000, kitchen renovations in Haverford, PA, and nearby areas can exceed $100,000 for spacious layouts adorned with luxurious appliances and exquisite cabinetry finishes. We specialize in rejuvenating kitchens ranging from $20k to over $100k, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality, regardless of your budget.

What influences the kitchen remodeling cost:

Type Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped
Minor Kitchen Remodel - Midrange $28,327 $20,478 72.3%
Major Kitchen Remodel - Midrange $82,580 $28,564 34.6%
Major Kitchen Remodel - Upscale $164,137 $43,969 26.8%

At Pellak Construction, we prioritize your satisfaction and convenience. Our goal is to design a kitchen that perfectly aligns with your needs and lifestyle. Our seamless process ensures effortless collaboration, putting the focus on you, your time, and your investment. Trust us to exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional results.

We're Taking Care Of Everything For You!

Our primary objective is to streamline the remodeling process, alleviating the stress and inconveniences frequently encountered during projects in Haverford, PA. We have thoroughly addressed the most prevalent concerns.

Kitchen remodeling projects come with a substantial price tag, but they also offer an impressive return on investment. Our dedicated team is committed to working within your budget and can provide you with access to flexible financing plans to kickstart your project.

We highly appreciate the value of your time as well as ours. Our utmost priority is to minimize any on-site delays. Our primary objective is to complete your project within the specified timeline, ensuring that you can relish your new kitchen while we efficiently assist the next homeowner.

A Simple, Quick, And Effortless Kitchen Remodel

At the heart of our approach lies your comfort and well-being. We are dedicated to ensuring that you wholeheartedly embrace the excitement of this upgrade, and we proudly back our commitment!
Blueprints of a home



Contact us, share your vision, and we’ll provide advice and insights for your new kitchen.
The wood frame and the drywalls of a home, exposed in the interior of the home



Once the design and materials are chosen, we begin working on your new kitchen space.
A kitchen with traditional cabinets and a tall kitchen island made of wood



Call your friends and family over and show off your beautiful new kitchen!


If your kitchen remodel involves electrical or plumbing work, it may be necessary to obtain a permit. But don’t fret! We’ll take care of all the paperwork and permitting process on your behalf. Rest assured, we’ll give meticulous attention to your project’s specific requirements to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience.

When renovating a kitchen, the cabinets, countertops, and appliances typically make up the bulk of the expenses. It is recommended to allocate a minimum of 35% of your budget towards cabinets and countertops, taking into consideration your design preferences and choices.

In most cases, you don’t need to leave your home during kitchen renovation. We’ll take steps to protect and separate the work area, reducing dust and debris. This way, you can still use the other rooms in your home as usual.

The duration of a kitchen remodel in Pennsylvania varies depending on the extent of the project. For a basic remodel that involves replacing cabinets and countertops while keeping the same layout, completion can take as little as 4 weeks.

Average kitchen remodels that involve changes to the layout or removal of walls typically take around 8 weeks. For larger remodels that include custom options and significant design changes, the timeframe can extend to 12 weeks or more.

Throughout our 16 years in business, we have cultivated a team of exceptionally skilled craftsmen who dedicate their expertise to our cause. This encompasses our in-house artisans, as well as our trusted subcontractors in specialized fields such as plumbing, electrical work, HVAC, and beyond.
Modern white kitchen

The Only Kitchen Remodeler You'd Want In Haverford!

Acquiring a new kitchen in Haverford is a momentous achievement for you and your family. This investment holds immense worth, as it not only enhances the value of your property but also instills a deep sense of pride. With your exquisite new kitchen, you will eagerly await the opportunity to host and entertain friends every weekend.

If we’ve convinced you to pursue the remodel you’ve been longing for, reach out to Pellak Construction at (610) 543-2479 or click the button below to request a quote. We guarantee a response within one business day.

(takes 1-2 min)
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Lily Moore


These guys provide the cleanest construction area of any contractor I’ve ever seen. The crew is very professional and respectful. My property was cleaned each day and kept as organized as possible for major construction.

They arrived timely every day and completed the project promptly; my questions were addressed immediately; and at the end of the project, my interior was professionally cleaned and organized. ANY question, no matter how insignificant, was welcomed and addressed. I recommend consulting them for any home project.

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Sean Finan​


Andy and his crew performed a kitchen remodel for my family in Springfield, PA. Andy really guides you through the design process and makes sure your vision becomes a reality. The construction process went very smoothly.

The crew made sure that the dust and debris created during demolition and construction did not creep into the other rooms in our house. Also, at the end of every work day, the kitchen was cleaned up. There were never any loose nails to worry about stepping on. The final touches on the kitchen were very well done, from fine lines on the paint job to tight joints on crown molding, the attention to detail well exceeded our expectations. Thanks, Andy, Drew, Tom, Ray and Tony! We love our new kitchen!

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