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The Best Bathroom Remodel In Havertown, PA

If you're planning a bathroom remodel in Havertown, PA, we've got good news!

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Pellak Construction has been helping homeowners in Havertown and surrounding areas get their bathrooms remodeled with a quick and efficient processOur customers love our stress-free service and it’s one of the things that make us stand out from other contractors.

We put years of experience in building, project management, design, and architecture to more practical use to make sure you’re getting a remodel that exceeds your expectations.

Our goal is to over-deliver on our promises and make you fall in love with your home again. And to make that happen, we have a few tricks up our sleeve.

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We'll Make Sure You'll Come Back For More

We bring the finest craftsmanship to your home – an excellent end product that boosts your property’s value and makes living in your home so much better!

Working with Pellak Construction, you’ll also get:

Bring Back The Comfort In Your Bath

Your bathroom is where most of the days begin and end. As long as your bathroom looks great and is fully functional, you’ve ensured an excellent start to a day and a relaxing end.

But what happens when your bathroom is not as great as it used to be?

When it comes to a bathroom remodel in Havertown, we’re the go-to for many people in PA. Pellak Construction has helped hundreds of homeowners get their bathrooms back to their former glory. We’ll help you create a bathroom that matches your changing needs and preferences through a beautiful and insightful journey.

Make sure to check out our bathroom remodeling offer! Work with a professional that makes sure your project goes according to plan and takes care of everything, from start to finish.

Homeowners Love Their Bathroom Remodel In Havertown, PA

We’ve done hundreds of bathrooms in and around Havertown, PA. The families we helped are over the moon with the service they received! Here’s what they’re saying.


Martin Purcell


We live in Springfield and saw many Pellak projects taking place at the same time we were looking to remodel our kitchen. 

We met with Andy and were impressed by the advice he provided as well as his ability to help us get our ideas into the project design. The Pellak proposal was able to separate out various options we discussed so that we could make the best decisions within our budget

Once decisions were made, the Pellak team came up with workable timeframes for the project, kept things in our house organized and clean while work was ongoing and were always available to help us make decisions. 

Thanks Andy, Drew and the rest of the Pellak team for our new kitchen which we love. We have continued to use Pellak for other projects in our home and they continue to exceed our expectations.


Sean Finan


A.M. Pellak Construction came highly recommended from several of our friends and we could not be happier with the process and the final product. 

Andy and his crew performed a kitchen remodel for my family in Springfield, PA. Andy really guides you through the design process and makes sure your vision becomes a reality. The construction process went very smoothly. The crew made sure that the dust and debris created during demolition and construction did not creep into the other rooms in our house. 

Also, at the end of every work day, the kitchen was cleaned up. There were never any loose nails to worry about stepping on. The final touches on the kitchen were very well done, from fine lines on the paint job to tight joints on crown molding, the attention to detail well exceeded our expectations. 

Thanks, Andy, Drew, Tom, Ray and Tony! We love our new kitchen!

Type Of Upgrades And Materials

Some available upgrades and features will make your bathroom feel like a 5-star Ritz-Carlton hotel, others will just make your space feel truly yours – personalized to your needs and preferences.

So many options can be overwhelming, but we’ll guide you through every option and help you make the right choice for your new bath.

Let’s look at the most common bathroom upgrades.

New Vanity

The vanity is one of the most popular bathroom upgrades. It’s an important feature that increases your bath’s functionality, but it can also set the mood and style of your bath.

A vanity with slab doors and no hardware will make your bath look modern and minimalistic, while a hardwood vanity will make your bath feel more warm and cozy.

Double vanities are great for larger families or for a couple that would rather have their own sink. They provide increased storage space and can fill any unused space in your bathroom.

Simple Vanity With Black Pulls
Double wood vanity with black hardware

Tub And Shower

Many of our projects include a tub-to-shower conversion or replacing old jacuzzis that become a hazard for older homeowners.

Glass showers become ideal and accessible as we age, but they’re more expensive. Shower pans on the floor are outdated and look cheap, so you’ll be better off with a porcelain or ceramic tile surround. Opt-in for a glass shower door instead of a shower curtain if you want to keep an upscale vibe.

When it comes to tubs, it all depends on your preferences. The main reason some customers decide to keep theirs is that they love a hot bath. And who wouldn’t? A tub filled with hot water is the perfect way to relax after a long day.

A bath and a shower in a bathroom


You can’t get a new vanity and put the old countertops on them. First of all, they probably won’t fit, and secondly, they won’t match the new style. This is why many of our customers decide to get new countertops too.

There are many countertop options, but the best is undoubtedly a quartz countertop. It’s resistant, durable, easy to maintain, and more affordable than many other options. While quartz works great in a heavy-traffic area like a kitchen, for a bathroom it can feel like too much.

More elegant options are soapstone countertops, marble counters, or the classy granite top.

Luxurious countertop with two black sinks
Wood countertops with white vessel sink and black faucet


Older homes have hardwood floors in most rooms, including the bathroom. Needless to say, wood flooring in a room with so much humidity and water spills is never a great idea.

The best option for a bathroom is tile flooring. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are affordable and have great qualities that improve the functionality of your bath. Another, more expensive option, are marble slabs for flooring. Other natural stones are also viable options, but these usually cost more, especially to cover an entire floor.

If you want to keep your remodel within budget, Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring is a great alternative for a bathroom floor. It’ll be easy to maintain, will resemble the natural look of wood, it’s very easy to install, and it’s more affordable than tile.

Wood bathroom flooring with freestanding tub and shower

Other Upgrades

Besides these, there are plenty of other bathroom upgrades that you can get and create an truly unique and personalized space. Other bathroom upgrades include, but are not limited to:

Get A Bathroom Worthy Of Remodeling Magazines

You have the power to turn your space into a bathroom worthy of remodeling magazines. It’s up to you if you want to. Check out what your bathroom remodel in Havertown can turn out like!

The Easiest Bathroom Remodel In Havertown, PA

We want to change the way homeowners look at remodeling jobs with a clear and intuitive process that will never catch you off guard. We developed a quick process that makes your journey with us a pleasure to go through.

Blueprints of a home



Get in touch with us, and we’ll come up with the best solution for your bath!
The wood frame and the drywalls of a home, exposed in the interior of the home



We start building and remodeling your bathroom. Allocate at least two months.
New bathroom remodel



After our final walkthrough, we’ll be out of your hair. Enjoy your new bathroom!

Frequently Asked Questions

The usual bathroom remodel timeline is between one and two months.

A bathroom remodel timeline varies depending on the scope of work, your choice of materials, and what features you want in your new bath. We’re transparent about your project’s timeline, and you’ll get an accurate calendar after our on-site consultation.

The scope of work, materials, features, and upgrades are several factors that will impact a bathroom remodel cost.

We quote a base bathroom remodel at around $36k. It includes updating plumbing and lighting fixtures, new, stock vanity and countertop, ceramic tile flooring, and a shower. This would be a smaller guest bathroom.

An average bathroom remodel is about $64k, and a high-end bathroom remodel is around $82k.

Yes! We work with licensed and insured tradespeople, experts in what they do. We know the building codes in Havertown inside out, so you’ll get the highest standard in the industry.

I’m Andrew, the owner of Pellak Construction. My aim is to give homeowners a better remodeling experience, a clearer process, and better communication with the workers to bring your bathroom to its full potential.

Yes! Like our kitchen projects, all of our bathrooms are designed by our in-house design team.

Wood floors in a bathroom with tub and double vanity

Get A Bathroom You Can Be Proud Of!

If you’re looking for a bathroom remodel in Havertown, PA, you’re in the right place!

Our professional bathroom remodelers from Pellak Construction are ready to get on your project and get you a bathroom you can be proud of. You’ll benefit from a clear process and builders that have been doing this for years!

Working with us means your bathroom remodel in Havertown will turn out exactly the way you envisioned it.

Get ready to receive:

Your New Bathroom Awaits You!

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