Replacing Tub With Shower: The Benefits of Replacing Your Tub With a Walk-in Shower

There was a time when the only people who replaced their bathtubs were those doing a full-scale renovation. But over the past few years, there has been a shift and more people are replacing their tubs with walk-in showers. Walk-in showers are more accessible, easier to clean, and can even add value to your home! In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of replacing tub with shower.

A glass shower in a bathroom with large gray tile walls

The Many Benefits of Having A Custom Shower

A shower is one of the most important rooms in your home. After all, it’s where you start and end your day. Why not make it as comfortable and relaxing as possible? With a custom shower, you can have complete control over every aspect of the space, from the tile to the fixtures to the layout. Not to mention, a custom shower can also add value to your home. Here are just a few of the benefits of having a custom shower designed and installed in your home.

1. You Can Create Your Ideal Showering Experience

With a custom shower, you can have complete control over every detail, meaning you can create your ideal showering experience. For instance, if you love taking long showers, you can choose a larger shower stall with multiple showerheads. Or, if you prefer a more spa-like experience, you can add features like built-in seating and steam generation. The possibilities are endless!

2. You Can Maximize Your Space

If you have a small bathroom, it’s important to make the most of the space you have. With a custom shower design, you can do just that. For example, rather than opting for a traditional swinging door, you could install a sliding glass door or even a pocket door to save valuable square footage. And if storage is an issue, there are plenty of creative storage solutions that can be incorporated into your design, such as shelves or recessed niches.
replacing tub with shower in an upscale bathroom with large window

3. You Can Add Value to Your Home

Custom showers are not only beautiful and functional—they can also add value to your home. If you’re thinking about selling in the near future, or even if you’re just wanting to update your space for your own enjoyment, investing in a custom shower is always a good idea. Plus, should you ever decide to sell down the road, potential buyers will certainly be impressed by your luxurious custom shower!

4. You can Have Lower Water Bills

According to the NKBA, if you’re still using an old-fashioned bathtub, chances are good that you’re using more water than necessary each time you take a shower. When you switch to a walk-in shower, however, you can save a significant amount of water. That’s because most walk-in showers have low-flow fixtures that use less water than traditional showerheads. As an added bonus, lower water usage also means lower utility bills each month!

How to Replace a Bathtub with a Shower

Have you been considering replacing your bathtub with a shower? You’re not alone. According to the latest trends, more and more homeowners are ditching their tubs in favor of showers. There are many reasons for this shift, including the fact that showers take up less space, are easier to keep clean, and can be more accessible for people with limited mobility.
An outdated bathroom with a glass shower with a pan

How to Remove Your Old Tub

Removing an old bathtub is not as difficult as it may seem. With a few tools and some elbow grease, you can have that tub out of your bathroom in no time. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Turn off the water supply to your bathroom. This is an important step! Be sure to shut off the water at the main supply line before proceeding.

2. Remove all the fixtures from your tub (shower head, faucet handles, etc.). Set these aside so they don’t get lost or damaged during the removal process.

3. Use a utility knife or oscillating tool to cut through the caulk around the perimeter of the tub. This will make it easier to pry the tub loose from the surrounding walls.

4. Insert a putty knife between the tub and the wall and pry gently until the tub becomes loose. You may need someone to help you hold onto the tub while you do this so it doesn’t fall and break.

5. Once the tub is loose, carefully lift it out of the bathroom and dispose of it according to your local regulations (most likely, this will mean taking it to a landfill).

How to renovate a bathroom with the best bathroom flooring ideas with dark tile flooring and freestanding tub

How to Install Your New Shower

Now that you’ve removed your old bathtub, it’s time to install your new shower! Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Begin by assembling your new shower floor base according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re using a pre-fabricated shower base, this step will be quite simple.

2. Once your base is assembled, place it in the location where your old bathtub was located (be sure to measure twice so you don’t accidentally place it too far from the drain or water lines).

3. Use shims if necessary to level out your shower base before proceeding with installation.
4.. Carefully install your new drain according to the manufacturer’s instructions (don’t forget sealant!).

5. Connect your water lines to your new shower valve (again, sealant is key!).

6. Install any trim or other finishes around your new shower according to manufacturer’s instructions (this is where those precut holes in fencing come in handy!).

7.Now you can enjoy your new shower conversion from the shower pan and shower drain to the shower door and shower enclosure and kiss that only tub goodbye!

However, this DIY tub to shower conversion project is not for everyone. A tub to shower remodel is best left with professional who know how to handle your space. Even if you think you save money if you go at it on your own, you can omit problems that will cost you later down the line.

Wood floors in a bathroom with tub and double vanity


Now that you know all the benefits of walk-in showers, are you ready to install one in your home? If you need help with your bathroom remodel project, contact us. Our experienced team can help you choose the perfect walk-in shower for your space and budget, and we’ll make sure it’s installed correctly so you can start enjoying all the benefits right away.