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Will A Shower Remodel Actually Pay Off Or Not?

If you’re thinking about getting a shower remodel or a tub to shower conversion, there are a few things you’ll need to know before you begin your project. 

Naturally, you want to know if your home remodeling project will be worth it or not. After all, who wants to do something that won’t help in the long run?

In this post, you can find out how much does a shower remodel cost, and what’s the ROI that you can enjoy off of it. You’ll also find out if the entire project is worth it from a personal and financial standpoint.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

large glass door shower remodel

How Much Can A Shower Remodel Cost?

The cost to remodel a shower can range from $750 to $12,500 and higher. It depends on the complexity of your remodel, the shower size, your material choice, if you want any additions, upgrades, the fixture placement, how old your shower is, and if your contractor finds any damages.

What Main Factors Can Change The Cost For A Shower Remodel?

1. The Complexity Of Your Remodel

The cost to remodel your shower will change based on what you want to do.

If you just want to change the tiling style, that’ll be less costly than replacing everything and making it larger. Depending on how much time, labor, and materials your project calls for, the price will change.

2. The Size Of Your Shower

Your shower size can change how much time, labor, and materials your contractor needs to finish your project.

Larger showers tend to take more of these, while smaller ones usually need less. Smaller shower remodel projects can still be pricey, depending on your project.

3. Which Materials You Choose

How classy do you want to be with your materials?

Shower materials that are rarer or harder to get, like marble, will cost more than ordinary and easier-to-get materials like vinyl. You can have common materials look like the rarer ones and people won’t be able to tell easily. But, having the more valuable materials can make your bathroom feel classier.

4. If You Choose Any Additions

You have a wide range of additions you can choose from. When you do your shower remodel, you can add a:

And more! 

rain shower head

5. If You Choose To Upgrade Anything

Upgrading can cover many parts of your shower.

You can upgrade materials to ones of higher quality. Upgrade your showerhead to have more options, such as a massage feature. Get a better drain so you never end up bathing your feet while showering.

There are many upgrades you can talk to your contractor about getting.

6. The Fixture Placement

Do you want to keep fixtures in the same place, move them, add some, or take any away?

Your shower remodel cost will rise if you want to mess with the fixtures. Your contractor will have to add new holes, new plumbing, patch old holes, remove old plumbing, buy more fixtures, or do actions like these.

7. How Old Your Shower Is

The amount of work your shower needs changes based on age.

Older showers may need plumbing upgrades because the pipes may be old, rusty, or dysfunctional. Newer showers should have fewer or no problems. 

Besides, new features will look incredible! Look at these two modern bathtubs and glass showers below!

shower remodeling done by pellak construction
bathtub remodeling done by pellak construction

8. Damages Found Before Or During Your Project

No contractor should want to find damages before or during a project because it lengthens the timeline and involves more work!

A few common damages you can find involve moisture damage, which can lead to wood rot, mold and mildew growth, and more. You’ll want to fix any damage before moving on. It’ll only get worse and more costly to repair if you don’t.

Is A Shower Remodel Worth The Cost?

The first aspect you and almost every homeowner thinks about is the monetary worth, also known as the return on investment (ROI).

The ROI of a bathroom remodel is around 60% to 70%. Showers are a huge part of this because they’re one of the most essential parts of most bathrooms. They’re where people get clean and ready for the day or relax and decompress at night.

But, there’s also the personal ROI you’ll get from remodeling your shower. 

You’ll love the new look, updated design, and cool new features. Your remodel may also include making it better suit your needs. Can you imagine how wonderful it’ll be to get ready in a brand new bathroom you love?

shower remodel project PA

The Final Verdict: A Shower Remodel Is Worth It

You’ll not only see monetary returns but a personal return from using a modern shower. 

It’s never too late to start planning! You can take a look at our bathroom remodel page for more information, or contact us now about your project.