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Quartz waterfall countertop

Waterfall countertops are one of the hottest trends in contemporary kitchen design in the Villanova area. These countertops flow over each end to the floor, creating a strikingly seamless appearance.

Besides beauty, these sleek and sophisticated countertops have practical value. They are easier to clean than a custom millwork island end. They can also withstand bumps and dings.

Waterfall countertops typically consist of high-end materials. Various types of natural stone are prevalent. However, some manufacturers use budget-friendly materials like steel and wood.

Utility Goes Upscale

Kitchens have long been the family gathering space. A waterfall countertop can link floor tiles to cabinets in a contemporary kitchen or bathroom. This centerpiece turns an otherwise ordinary kitchen island into modern art.

For that reason, oversized waterfall kitchen islands are becoming increasingly popular.

Luxurious Materials

Waterfall countertops typically use naturally moisture-proof and non-staining materials. The most luxurious models use engineered stone (quartz combined with resin) or natural stone (marble, granite, or travertine). Popular stone shades for the Villanova area include white, beige, gray, black, or a marbled combination of those colors.

Stainless steel, butcher block wood, and concrete are more affordable material options.

Natural Marble

Dark marble kitchen island

Marble is a metamorphic rock occurring naturally in over 20 varieties and hundreds of color and pattern configurations. It forms in the earth’s crust when limestone undergoes extreme pressure. This highly porous material requires sealing every 3-6 months.

Engineered Quartz

Engineered quartz is among the toughest countertop materials available. Manufactured with natural and artificial materials, it has moderate porousness that requires sealing. Caesarstone (made in Israel), Silestone (made in Spain), and Cambria (made in Minnesota) are the three most popular quartz brands.

Made of natural quartz (93%) combined with resin and pigments, Caesarstone comes in three different surface finishes: textured, polished, or honed. This versatile material also comes in more than 50 colors and patterns.

Natural Granite

Granite waterfall countertop

Granite has long been the top choice of countertop designers in Villanova and other areas due to its beauty and durability. Granite is an igneous rock formed deep in the earth’s crust from the fusion of quartz and feldspar under high heat.

You can obtain hundreds of natural color configurations from granite. Granite countertops vary in their porousness depending on their type. As such, some granite requires sealing every few months while others need it every several years.  

Natural Travertine

Travertine is a type of limestone, a rugged sedimentary rock with variations of holes that form a unique appearance in every piece. Colors range from shades of beige to shades of brown, gold, and silver.

Vein cuts in travertine produce a dramatically different pattern than cross cuts. This material is very porous and needs sealing twice a year. If you have a travertine countertop, wipe up any acidic spills (like orange juice) immediately.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is durable, stain-resistant, and heat-tolerant. Stainless steel cannot burn or rust and is 100% recyclable.

Available finishes include mirror polish, satin, antique matte, and brushed metal. Not counting installation, stainless steel can run as high as $150 per square foot for the thickest gauge.

Butcher-Block Wood

Wood waterfall island countertop

Natural wood is warm and inviting. Wood is also highly porous, meaning it can easily absorb spills and condensation. Therefore, butcher block requires continuous care, including regular lubrication with mineral oil.

Butcher block also requires sanding and refinishing every 20 years (though some say every ten years).


At two inches thick, a solid concrete waterfall countertop will weigh more than a thousand pounds. Therefore, these countertops tend to work best in homes with slab foundations or extra support built into the subfloor.

Apart from weight restrictions, concrete ranks as the most flexible countertop material. It offers endless color possibilities, unique edge textures, and the ability to integrate drying racks and other features.

Waterfall Countertop Costs

Natural stone kitchen island

Natural stone slabs typically cost between $75 to $125 per square foot. Installation adds another $70 to $100 per square. Moreover, your waterfall countertop may incur a fabricating charge that can add $1,000 and $2,000 to the total project cost.

Furthermore, waterfall countertops require fabrication to create the continuous visual flow of the stone. Fabricators use a computerized numerical control (CNC) laser cutter to miter the edges. As a result, the edges fit together without creating a visible seam.

Between materials, installation, and fabrication, a 4-foot by 6-foot waterfall countertop island can easily set you back $9,000.

Compare this cost to a traditional 4-foot by 6-foot island countertop using the same type of stone. Traditional countertops involve a slab sitting on an island or base cabinets. The total cost usually runs up to $3,200, including material and labor.

Furthermore, the same island countertop made of butcher-block wood would cost between $400-$500 in materials plus delivery. In addition, wet-set, poured-in-place concrete would run about $400.

Finding a Fabricator

Marble kitchen island with dark cabinets

If you are installing a waterfall countertop made of natural stone, you have to hire a fabricator in Villanova. Furthermore, you must find a fabricator experienced in cutting the precision edges required by waterfall countertops.

Ask the following questions when interviewing potential providers:

  • How long they’ve been fabricating the specific type of stone you want to use
  • What kind of cutting technology do they use (state-of-the-art CNC is the only acceptable answer)
  • Whether they are a member of industry associations such as the Marble Institute of America or the Natural Stone Institute
  • Whether they are insured

Get at least three bids from your shortlist of providers. Ask each contractor for photos from previous jobs and check their customer references.

Lastly, never agree to take your own measurements when interviewing contractors. If you end up mismeasuring your countertop space, you’ll have to replace the entire stone slab. A reputable stone fabricator will send a professional to your home to take the required measurements in advance.

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