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25 Bathroom Flooring Ideas: Which One Do You Like The Most?

Bathroom floors should be durable, slip-resistant, and easy to clean while also being visually attractive. 

Since this is the floor that sees the most traffic, it is also the floor that visitors will notice the most, so it’s important to choose a bathroom flooring that you can enjoy and will work well with the rest of your bathroom’s design.

Pellak Construction in Springfield understands that choosing the right bathroom flooring is an essential step in creating your dream bathroom. Take a look at the different bathroom flooring ideas below, and let us help you find the best bathroom flooring for you.

How to renovate a bathroom with the best bathroom flooring ideas with dark tile flooring and freestanding tub

#1. Vinyl Flooring

Waterproof vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for bathrooms and comes in various colors, patterns, and textures. You can easily find the perfect style for your bathroom while also knowing that the flooring is durable and safe from water damage.  

Vinyl flooring’s versatility makes it useful on regular bathroom floors or underfloor heating systems. Vinyl flooring costs less than other flooring options and is easier to replace if you change your bathroom’s design.

#2. Linoleum Flooring

Out of all bathroom flooring ideas, contrary to popular belief, linoleum flooring is actually a great flooring option.

It has antimicrobial properties that block bacteria growth, lowering the chance of mold, mildew, and other nasty fungi. Linoleum offers many colors and textures and is easier on the budget than other bathroom flooring options.

Linoleum flooring is easy to clean, but you still should take good care of it to minimize scratching and gouging. While durable with everyday use, it damages more easily than other types of bathroom flooring.

#3. Ceramic Bathroom Tile Flooring

Once the most popular bathroom flooring option, tile flooring is making a comeback in a big, beautiful way. 

Out of all bathroom flooring ideas, tile flooring, like ceramic or porcelain, are simply incredible and well worth the investment.

The range of tile shapes and sizes, from the rectangular subway tile to the hexagonal penny tile, makes it easy for any bathroom floor to shine. Create a mosaic out of colorful tiles or follow a monochromatic theme to showcase your style.

hexagonal bathroom tile

While tile flooring is notorious for being slippery when wet, choose a matte finish for your tiles to overcome the risk of falling. If you’re a fan of the dramatic look of glazed tiles, place rugs in the areas most likely to collect water.

#4. Glass Bathroom Tile Flooring

If ceramic tiles don’t give you the luxurious statement you’re looking for, glass tiles are another mosaic bathroom flooring option.

While durable, beautiful, and available in multiple colors and styles, these tiles require much maintenance and care to ensure they don’t chip or break. They are more sensitive than ceramic tiles and challenging to deal with during a remodel.

#5. Engineered Hardwood

Water is the notorious enemy of wood, especially in humid enclosed spaces like a bathroom. The invention of engineered hardwood makes it possible to have safe wood flooring in your bathroom.

Consisting of wood layers stacked beneath actual hardwood, the robust construction of this flooring makes it more durable and water-resistant than regular wood flooring. There is still the chance that excessive moisture may damage engineered hardwood flooring over time, so we recommend that you take care not to let water stand on it for too long.

#6. Natural Stone Bathroom Tile Flooring

Are you seeking to bring a different natural beauty into your bathroom? 

Some of the best bathroom flooring ideas include stone, and stone flooring enhances the luxury of your bathroom while offering many options for patterns, designs, and textures. 

Even small bathrooms benefit from the beauty of natural stone tiles. Though this type of flooring carries a hefty price tag, it also helps to raise your home’s value, so think of it as an investment.

Because these tiles come from natural stone, they require more maintenance than other types of flooring. Regular sealing and surfacing are necessary to ensure the longevity of your stone tiles.

natural stone bathroom flooring

#7. Intricate Tile Patterns

Beautiful tile floor patterns are an exquisite marriage of form and function, transforming ordinary surfaces into captivating works of art. 

Intricately arranged tiles, like puzzle pieces, weave together narratives of style and elegance, inviting the eyes to wander and explore. 

From the timeless allure of herringbone and chevron layouts to the captivating intricacy of Moroccan zellige designs, each pattern tells a unique story, infusing the floor with character and depth. With an array of colors, shapes, and textures at their disposal, designers and homeowners can orchestrate a harmonious ballet of tiles, culminating in floors that not only support daily activities but elevate the entire room into an artful masterpiece.

#8. Natural Hardwood Flooring

While hardwood flooring exudes a timeless charm and warmth in many spaces, its suitability for bathrooms warrants careful consideration. Incorporating hardwood in a bathroom can infuse the space with a touch of natural elegance, creating a harmonious transition between indoor and outdoor elements. 

However, due to the bathroom’s high moisture and humidity levels, it’s essential to opt for specially treated or engineered hardwood that can withstand these conditions without warping or buckling. Proper installation and regular maintenance are crucial to ensure the longevity of hardwood flooring in a bathroom. 

When executed thoughtfully, hardwood flooring can create a spa-like atmosphere, offering a cozy, inviting feel underfoot while contributing to a refined, cohesive design that marries functionality and aesthetics.

Real hardwood floor in a bathroom

#9. Finished Concrete

A finished concrete floor in a bathroom presents a bold and contemporary design choice that merges industrial chic with modern luxury. 

This unique flooring option lends an air of understated sophistication, creating a sleek backdrop for the bathroom’s fixtures and decor. When meticulously treated and sealed, a concrete floor can effortlessly withstand the bathroom’s daily wear and moisture, making it a durable and practical solution. Its seamless and smooth surface not only adds a sense of spaciousness but also provides a canvas for various design elements to shine. 

Paired with minimalist accents or vibrant pops of color, a finished concrete floor introduces an edgy yet refined aesthetic, capturing the essence of urban elegance while embracing the functional demands of a well-appointed bathroom retreat.

Concrete bathroom floor

#10. All-White Tile

An all-white bathroom tile floor is an embodiment of timeless elegance and purity, creating a serene and inviting oasis within the home. The white tile floor’s reflective quality bounces light around the space, making it feel brighter and more open. This is especially beneficial in smaller bathrooms where the goal is to maximize every inch of available space. 

While an all-white tile floor exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication, it’s important to balance it with practical considerations. Choose tiles that are easy to clean and maintain, as well as those with a slip-resistant surface to ensure safety in wet environments.

All-white tile in bathroom

#11. Epoxy Bathroom Floor

An epoxy bathroom floor is a contemporary and innovative flooring choice that seamlessly marries style with durability. Composed of a resin and hardener mixture, epoxy forms a glossy, seamless surface that not only offers a striking visual appeal but also withstands the challenges of a bathroom environment. 

This modern flooring solution radiates a high-gloss finish, amplifying natural and artificial light to create a luminous and inviting ambiance, while providing a comfortable, water-resistant foundation for a truly elevated bathing experience.

Epoxy bathroom floor

#12. Floor To Wall

Floor to wall is a design concept where a specific type of flooring material extends vertically from the floor to the wall, creating a seamless and continuous visual effect. 

This could involve using the same material for both the floor and a portion of the wall, such as a wainscoting or baseboard. People usually do this with a type of tile, as the material works perfect for both walls and floors.

Floor to wall tile

#13. Large Marble Tiles

Large tile marble floors in bathrooms exude opulence and timeless luxury. The grandeur of these expansive marble tiles makes a striking statement, elevating the entire bathing space into a realm of sophistication. 

The cool, smooth surface underfoot complements the serene ambiance of a bathroom, while the enduring quality of marble ensures longevity. With each step, these large marble tiles exude a sense of indulgence, inviting you to immerse yourself in a luxurious sanctuary where style meets functionality.

Large marble tile

#14. Faux Brick

A faux brick floor for bathrooms offers a distinctive and rustic design choice that adds character and charm to the space. Mimicking the appearance of authentic brick, faux brick flooring brings a touch of vintage or industrial flair, creating a unique visual impact. 

This type of flooring can infuse a cozy and inviting atmosphere, reminiscent of a rustic farmhouse or a stylish loft.  When paired with complementary decor elements, such as vintage fixtures or natural accents, a faux brick floor transforms the bathroom into a captivating haven, where old-world charm meets modern functionality.

#15. Faux Wood

Faux wood bathroom floors offer a clever fusion of natural aesthetics and practicality, bridging the gap between the beauty of wood and the durability required for a bathroom environment. These imitation wood flooring options, often crafted from materials like luxury vinyl, porcelain, or ceramic tiles, convincingly replicate the look and texture of real wood while providing resistance to moisture, humidity, and wear. 

The result is a floor that exudes the warmth and elegance of wood, inviting a cozy ambiance into the bathroom, without the concerns of warping or water damage. 

Faux wood floor

#16. Black And White Tile Patterns

Black and white tile patterns for baths exude a timeless and captivating design aesthetic that effortlessly combines classic elegance with modern flair. This iconic color duo, whether in checkerboard, herringbone, or intricate mosaic arrangements, creates a striking visual impact that adds depth and sophistication to the bathroom space. 

The stark contrast between black and white tiles not only defines the room’s architecture but also invites a sense of balance and harmony. The monochromatic palette amplifies light, adding a sense of spaciousness and airiness, while the intricate patterns create a sense of movement and interest.

Black and white tile

#17. Small, Black Hexagonal Tile

A black hexagonal tile bathroom floor is a bold and captivating design choice that elevates the space with a touch of modern sophistication. 

The unique hexagonal shape adds a dynamic visual element, creating an intriguing mosaic-like effect that draws the eye and adds a sense of movement to the room. The sleek and dramatic black hue adds a touch of luxury and elegance, creating a striking contrast against the surrounding elements.

Small hexagonal black backsplash

#18. Geometric Pattern Tiles

Geometric tile patterns for bath floors infuse the space with a captivating and artistic allure. These intricate arrangements, from classic herringbone and chevron to modern hexagons and arabesques, transform the floor into a mesmerizing canvas of shapes and lines. 

The geometry not only adds visual interest but also plays with light and shadows, creating a sense of depth and dimension. Whether employing monochromatic tones for a minimalist chic vibe or combining vibrant colors for a playful atmosphere, geometric tile patterns effortlessly breathe life into the bathroom. 

Geometric tile patterns

#19. Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

A mosaic bathroom tile is a captivating work of art that transforms the bathroom into a haven of intricate beauty. Comprising an array of small, meticulously crafted tiles, mosaics come together to create a rich tapestry of colors, shapes, and textures. 

Mosaic tiles can be arranged to depict intricate scenes, abstract motifs, or simply a symphony of hues. Their shimmering surfaces reflect light, adding a touch of luminosity and depth to the space. Whether adorning the shower walls, flooring, or backsplash, a mosaic bathroom tile becomes a focal point that invites awe and admiration. 

Beautiful tile design

#20. Add A Rug

Placing a rug on the bathroom floor is a thoughtful and creative way to infuse comfort, style, and personality into the space. The soft texture underfoot offers a welcome contrast to the often cool and hard surfaces of tile or stone floors. Placed near the shower or bath, it absorbs water, reducing the risk of slips and falls on wet tiles. 

Consider rugs made from natural fibers like cotton or synthetic materials that dry quickly and resist mold and mildew. For a cohesive look, choose a rug that complements the overall design theme, whether it’s a vibrant accent in a neutral-toned bathroom or a subdued addition to a more colorful space. 

Large bathroom rug

Bathroom Flooring Ideas In Springfield FAQ

The best type of bathroom flooring is ceramic or porcelain tile. These are water resistant, durable, and offer a large variety of styles and designs. Vinyl flooring is also a good option, but it’s still prone to water damage and limited when it comes to what you can do with it. After that, natural stone, laminate flooring, engineered hardwood, are other options worth considering.
Undoubtedly the best color for a small bathroom is white. White reflects light and gives the illusion of a much larger space – exactly what you need for your small bathroom.
Vinyl flooring is the easiest floor to install, but not the most efficient. Tile is a great flooring material but it requires a professional to install it.
Natural stone like marble will be the most expensive flooring materials on the market. If the slabs are sleek and without too many veins, the price will increase even further. Quartz is also expensive, but not as much as marble.

Which Bathroom Flooring Ideas Got You Excited?

Now that you’ve had some inspiration and you’ve discovered the best bathroom flooring ideas, all you have to do is decide on the type of bathroom flooring you want.

Here at Pellak Construction, we’re ready to help you determine your needs and which kind of bathroom flooring will serve you best. We offer professional bathroom remodeling services in Springfield, Broomall, Havertown, and more of PA.

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