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21 Bathroom Mirror Ideas That Will Suit Your Space

Almost every bathroom needs a mirror. A mirror can help you check your appearance, apply makeup, or shave. Nowadays, a mirror can do more than just show you how you look.

Adding a mirror can enhance the functionality of your bathroom and illuminate the space by reflecting natural light. Whether you plan to redecorate or get your bathroom designed, the professionals at A.M. Pellak Construction, LLC in Villanova have plenty of bathroom mirror ideas that will exceed your expectations. 

Bathroom mirror ideas with three rectangular mirrors on double wood vanity

Bathroom Mirror Ideas That Will Inspire You

1. The Round Mirror

The round mirror has a timeless and classic shape. Round mirrors look even better when mixed with other patterns and geometric shapes. Choose a round mirror to showcase the angles and curves of your bathroom.

circle bathroom mirror

2. The Antique Mirror

Almost any room in the house can look chic when restored with antiques. The same goes for bathrooms. Adding a statement piece like an antique bathroom mirror will create an old meets new vibe.

Antique mirrors

3. The Teardrop Mirror

Sometimes bathroom design requires creativity, which is why we love spaces that feature unusual shapes. A teardrop-shaped bathroom mirror works well with patterned tiles and wallpaper. 

However, out of all bathroom mirror ideas, the teardrop mirror is the least common, as it requires a more complex design and manufacturing.

4. The Double Mirror

Instead of using one large, boring mirror, consider splitting them into two. Besides adding style and depth to your bathroom, the double mirror allows you to share the space with your spouse or family member. 

double bathroom mirror

5. The Mosaic Mirror

Opt for a mosaic mirror frame instead of a traditional metal frame. Small pieces of glass around the sides of your bathroom mirror can create a visually stunning look. Add mood lighting above the mirror to make the mosaic stand out. 

6. The Backsplash Mirror

Of the newest bathroom mirror ideas, a new trend involves embedding the bathroom mirror into your tile backsplash. You can use this method to create a beautiful vanity piece out of an ordinary rectangular mirror. Choose 1×1 tiles with contrasting colors to make the bathroom stand out. 

7. The Odd Mirror

Bohemian-inspired bathrooms often have mirrors with odd or irregular shapes. You can choose a mirror that has a frameless design with wavy edges or an ornamental piece. An irregular mirror will enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. 

8. The Small Bathroom Mirror

Homeowners with small bathrooms should choose a sliding mirror to maximize functionality and storage. Mirrors with open shelving can visually expand a small space. The mirrors slide so you can show or hide away things as needed. 

Small bathroom mirror in a space with black painted walls

9. The Backlit Mirror

Rather than using track lighting to illuminate your mirror, you can get innovative with your bathroom’s lighting using these bathroom mirror ideas. Backlit bathroom mirrors provide lighting from behind, creating a soft and beneficial glow. To make the entire bathroom bright, add ambient lighting around the space.

full length bathroom mirror

10. The Kid’s Mirror

There are also bathroom mirror ideas for kids!

Kid’s bathroom mirror designs have fun themes, including the ocean, flowers, and zoo animals. Consider painting the wall space behind the mirror pink or blue and have your child’s name drawn on the walls. 

Oval mirror

11. The Hollywood Mirror

Bring Hollywood-style glamour to your bathroom. Hollywood-inspired mirrors create the perfect situation for dressing up or applying makeup. Place incandescent light bulbs along the edge of your bathroom mirror to create a dressing room experience.

12. The Hanging Mirror

A hanging mirror suspended on a chain adds a stylish touch and serves as a conversational piece. Choose a round, square, or rectangle mirror to add sophistication to your bathroom.

13. The Focal Point Mirror

An attractive bathroom requires relaxing elements. You can add faux plants and moss to the side of the bathroom mirror. The decorative plants in your bathroom serve as a focal point that people cannot ignore.

14. The Frameless Mirror

If you want a simple yet elegant bathroom mirror, consider buying one without frames. A frameless mirror works well in a minimalist bathroom. You can add brackets to the corners of the mirror to complete the look. 

frameless bathroom mirror

15. The Bathroom Vanity Mirror

A hexagonal bathroom vanity mirror can smartly integrate geometric shapes into your bathroom design. Dress up the frame in gold or silver to add that extra touch. 

16. The Timeless Mirror

Before buying, consider investing in a bathroom mirror that will last you for years. Bathroom mirrors with classic arches and patterns can accentuate your space. These mirrors have timeless design elements that will never go out of style.

17. The Square Mirror

A square mirror adds functionality and style to your bathroom. The square shape gives your bathroom an industrial look with its grid design. Place the mirror above the sink or on the wall behind your bathtub to create a stunning effect. 

18. The Full-Length Mirror

The corner space can look bigger by adding a full-length floor bathroom mirror. These mirrors offer convenience and easy repositioning if required. You can use the mirror as a dressing area to make the most of the space. 

ful llength bathroom mirror

19. The Shelf Mirror

A farmhouse or industrial-inspired shelf mirror adds a touch of style and elegance to your bathroom. Bathroom mirrors with shelves can help you store small items and toiletries. These mirrors suit a variety of bathroom sizes and styles. 

20. The French Mirror

An arch windowpane-style bathroom mirror offers the rustic charm and the beauty of a grand French window, adding a touch of timeless and stunning style to your bathroom. You can pair this mirror with white and gold accents. 

21. The Towel Rail Mirror

A small round mirror with an attached hook creates a convenient towel rail arrangement. You may hang these mirrors at different heights for each family member. Also, add them to other wall hangings to create an eclectic display. ne-style bathroom mirror offers the rustic charm and the beauty of a grand French window, adding a touch of timeless and stunning style to your bathroom. You can pair this mirror with white and gold accents. 

22. The Side View

The side view mirror is actually a narrow side mirror that gives you a 360-degree view during your skincare routine. It allows you to see yourself from a different perspective and make sure you’re not missing any spot when applying your make up, and helps men make sure they’re not missing any spot when shaving.

23. The Shapely Mirror

If you want to steer clear from the classic rectangle and circle mirrors and try something with a more interesting shape, these mirrors are a must-try. Mirrors shaped differently are ideal in powder rooms or guest bathrooms because they create a unique style and mood for your guests, letting them see how good your taste is. 

Shapely mirrors in bathroom

24. The Leaning Full-Length Mirror

This is by far the easiest bathroom mirror idea since all you have to do is get in the room and then lean it against the wall. It looks sophisticated and polished and won’t cost you nearly as much as another option on this list. 

25. The Dressing Room Mirror

If your bathroom is large enough to get this mirror in, it’ll make the space feel even larger and more upscale. This folding three-way mirror gives you a lot of flexibility to what you can do with it and how to place it. It’ll make your bath feel like a full-in dressing room, and it’ll add dimension and depth to your space.

26. Arched Top Mirror

This would  be a large, horizontal mirror that adds a touch of flair with its unique arched top corners. It gives a modern look to your space and a comfortable mood throughout your bathroom. An arch top mirror is just a small statement that you want something unique, without making a big deal out of it. It’s smooth, subtle, and beautiful.

27. Entire Wall a Mirror

If you are looking to create a truly unique space and impress your guests, an entire mirror wall is definitely going to leave everyone that steps in your space in awe. An wall mirror is expensive but perfect if you want to see the whole of yourself before leaving the house.

Make A Bold Statement With Your Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom mirrors are an important feature of any bath. Be it round, rectangular, square, made of wood, fiberglass, or metal, mirrors are essential.

These 21 bathroom mirrors will help you decide on the style of your mirror, but for a complete remodel, you’ll also need a pristine bathroom design that’ll tie everything together,

The experts at A.M. Pellak Construction, LLC in Villanova can assist you in finding the perfect bathroom mirror for your home. Our team will choose fixtures that enhance all the other aspects of your bathroom decor while adding a sense of style to the room.

Contact A.M. Pellak Construction, LLC today to get more information on new bathroom mirror ideas, or call us directly at (610) 543-2479 and let’s discuss your upcoming bathroom remodel or upgrade!