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What's The Best Material For Shower Walls?

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel and you’ve decided to get a new shower, one aspect that’ll make or break the new space will be the shower walls.

This article will guide you through an array of choices, from classic ceramics to luxurious granites, ensuring that functionality meets style in your sanctuary.

Discover what suits you best—keep reading for insights!

A Room Filled With Best Material Tiles For Shower Walls

Key Takeaways

Choosing the Best Material for Shower Walls

You’ll want to keep in mind factors like mold resistance, ease of cleaning, and aesthetic appeal to ensure your choice enhances both the practicality and design of your bathroom space.

Glass Tiles for Shower Walls

Glass tiles for shower walls offer a sleek, modern look that can brighten any bathroom. They reflect light, making your shower area appear more spacious and vibrant. This material comes in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to customize the design to fit your personal style.

Glass tile is non-porous, which means it’s resistant to stains and mold, making it an excellent choice for a bathroom that’s constantly exposed to moisture.

A quick wipe them down with a standard glass cleaner is enough to keep them shining. Their durability ensures they maintain their high-end aesthetics over time without fading or discoloring.

Acrylic Tiles for Shower Walls

Acrylic shower walls are widely praised for their durability and versatility in bathroom designs. They offer a solid surface that stands up well to daily use, resisting mold and stains – two problems that bathrooms often struggle with.

Made from sturdy plastic materials, acrylic is a lightweight option compared to traditional tiles or stone, making installation quicker and often more cost-effective. Homeowners appreciate the ease of cleaning these surfaces; simple soap and water can leave acrylic looking shiny and new.

Acrylic showers usually mean prefabricated shower enclosures, which are a lot easier to install but are not as customizable as a tile shower would be.

Seamless integration with your existing bathroom style is straightforward with this adaptable material. Moving beyond standard functionality, some even choose textured options for added safety against slips in the shower area.

Natural Stone for Shower

Natural stone adds timeless beauty to any shower space. Homeowners who choose natural stone for their bathroom walls enjoy a high-end aesthetic that is both unique and durable.

Stones like granite and marble not only look exquisite but also provide excellent resistance against mold and stains. Their solid surface makes them easy to clean, maintaining their luxurious appeal with minimal effort.

However, granite can develop mold, and marble is a pretty expensive stone.

Bathroom Shower With Tiles From Stone Tiles

Fiberglass for Shower Walls

Fiberglass shower walls present a cost-effective and practical alternative. Fiberglass is known for being lightweight and easy to install, which means you can save on labor costs if you’re handy enough to tackle the installation yourself.

These walls come as one large piece or several panels that fit together seamlessly, leaving few spaces for mold and mildew to hide.

Fiberglass also stands out for its durability; it resists staining and requires minimal upkeep. All it takes is a simple wipe-down with basic cleaners to keep your shower looking fresh.

Fiberglass might be the perfect material to meet your needs without breaking the bank if you’re seeking waterproof paneling for your shower walls that balances quality with affordability.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles offer a blend of durability and style that makes them a popular choice for shower walls. They resist mold, stains, and scratches, ensuring your bathroom stays fresh and clean with minimal effort.

These tiles come in an array of colors and patterns, giving you the freedom to personalize your space to match your taste. Not only is ceramic easy to maintain, but it also stands up well against daily showers without showing wear.

Homeowners appreciate ceramic’s versatility—it looks great on floors and walls—and its cost-effectiveness compared to other high-end materials like marble or granite.


Shifting focus from the more common ceramic, marble brings a touch of timeless elegance to shower walls. Its unique vein patterns and rich color variations create high-end aesthetics that can transform any bathroom into a luxurious retreat.

Marble is not just about looks; it also boasts solid surface strength, making it durable for everyday use. Homeowners love the cool, smooth feel of marble against their skin as they step into the shower.

Marble does require some special attention to keep it looking magnificent. Regular sealing helps prevent stains and extend its life, ensuring that mold resistance is upheld without compromising style.

Easy cleaning routines with pH-neutral products help maintain its natural beauty, proving that with a bit of care, marble can be both a practical and sophisticated choice for shower walls.

Granite material for Shower Walls

Shifting from the luxurious sheen of marble, granite stands out for its rugged elegance and robustness. Homeowners value granite tiles for shower walls due to their durability and natural beauty.

Unlike other materials, each piece of granite boasts a unique pattern, giving your shower a high-end aesthetic that’s as sturdy as it is stylish.

Granite not only adds character to your bathroom but also holds up well against moisture, making it an ideal choice for wet environments. Its surface resists mold and stains when sealed properly, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.

Porcelain Tiles

While granite delivers a rugged look, porcelain offers a versatile and elegant alternative that suits many tastes and styles. Porcelain tiles for shower walls come with a host of benefits that make them an attractive choice for your bathroom renovation.

These tiles are known for their durability, resisting chips, scratches, and cracks better than most materials.

They also boast impressive moisture resistance, making them ideal for wet areas like showers. Cleaning is a breeze with porcelain; it requires minimal effort to maintain its lustrous appearance.

Its low porosity means less staining and fewer worries about mold growth, ensuring your shower walls look pristine year after year. With a wide range of colors and designs available, porcelain can mimic the appearance of natural stone or offer modern, sleek aesthetics to suit any décor preference in high-end bathrooms.


Whether you’re planning a bathroom remodel or you’re just researching possible upgrades, here at Pellak Construction, we’re ready to help every homeowner in Springfield, PA, and the surroundings.

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