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Floating Vanities Pros And Cons For Your Remodel

Have you ever taken the time to consider floating vanities for bathrooms? We get it; when it comes to remodeling your bathroom, you have no shortage of decisions to make, and let’s be honest, choosing a vanity style might not be on your list of priorities. You might be more concerned with paint colors, bathroom vanity mirrors, light fixtures, and getting your new walk-in shower just right.

Even if you have taken the time to carefully consider your vanity, floating vanities might not be a design choice you’ve been introduced to yet.

At Pellak Construction in Villanova, we’re committed to providing our clients with an expansive list of options when designing spaces. Today we’re going to chat specifically about floating vanities and why we think floating vanities can be such a great addition to a space.

A wood floating vanity

Let's Start With All The Pros That Floating Vanities Have

#1. A Space-Saving, Luxurious Look

First things first, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about what a floating vanity is. Another word for a floating vanity is a wall mount bathroom vanity, meaning the vanity is mounted to the wall rather than resting on the ground, which is what we would see with traditional vanities.

Because the vanity mounts to the wall, it almost gives the piece a “floating” effect, hence where it gets its name. This floating effect tends to provide a more modern finish to space, as well as an element of luxury. While wall-mounted vanities might not be the right design decision for every space, they do have a lot of benefits and are worth considering.

#2. Make Your Space Feel Bigger

If you’re working with a small bathroom, we love floating vanities for their ability to make your space feel bigger. Invite a more airy feeling into the design without sacrificing function! Floating vanities don’t take up any floor space, which is great for smaller spaces.

wooden floating vanities for bathrooms

#3. Available In Plenty Of Finishes And Colors

Floating vanities don’t come in just one style. They come in various styles, making them suitable for almost any bathroom aesthetic. For example, if you have a more sleek feeling in your Villanova home, you might want a vanity that is smooth black tile. If you have a more playful and bold style in your home, you might want a vanity done in a bright blue, for example. You are not limited when it comes to the style of your floating vanity.

#4. Well Suited For Modern Spaces

Floating vanities can suit almost any bathroom style. Having said that, floating vanities are particularly well suited to a more modern, minimalist style. So, whether you want to add to your already modern home or you’re in the process of making some upgrades to your space, a floating vanity can be a great option to consider. 

#5. Choose A Single Sink Or Double Sink

Whether you’re looking for a floating vanity for your powder room or a master bathroom, there’s a floating vanity to suit your needs. 

You can go with a floating double vanity that is attached as one piece, you can opt for two floating vanities side-by-side, or you can simply try a single floating vanity if you’re working with a smaller space.

white floating vanity

#5. Don’t Sacrifice Storage Space

In small bathrooms, you might be tempted to put in a smaller sink solution like a pedestal sink, for example, but with this option, you’ll be missing out on precious storage space. Alternatively, with a floating vanity, you get a small space sink solution, but you also get the storage that you need. In other words, you don’t have to sacrifice storage for space.

#6. Endless Storage Solutions

Speaking of storage, we love how floating vanities are customizable for your storage needs. For example, you can have one big cabinet for storage under your sink, you can add a couple of soft close drawers, or you can work in some open shelving combined with drawers and cupboards. Whatever works for your family and your needs, a floating vanity can accomplish.

#7. A Fresh Take On Below-Vanity Storage

Because a floating vanity doesn’t rest directly on the floor, you’ll find that you now have a unique storage opportunity under the vanity. For example, you can take advantage of the extra space with a scale, a wastebasket, or even a toddler step stool. With a floating vanity, no space goes to waste.

wood and stone floating vanity

#8. Easy Cleaning

One issue that you’ll find with traditional vanities is how difficult it is to clean under the vanity itself. This often leads to dirt, hair, and dust getting trapped under the vanity. With a floating vanity, you won’t have this issue. Thanks to the open design without a base, you can easily clean under the vanity just like you would the rest of your bathroom.

#9. Height Options

Have you ever used a sink that seems abnormally high? Or maybe you’re used to sinks being a little too low for you? Whatever the case, if you have particularly short or tall individuals in your family, a floating vanity gives you the option to mount the sink at any height you wish.

There Are also Some Cons...

#1. Higher Cost

In some cases, floating vanities can be more expensive than traditional vanities. This is due to factors such as the need for sturdy wall supports, additional installation expertise, and sometimes higher-end design elements.

#2. Accessibility

Depending on the height of the vanity and the height of the individuals using the bathroom, a floating vanity might not be as ergonomic as a floor-standing one. It’s important to consider the comfort and accessibility of the vanity for all members of the household.

#3. Installation Complexity

Installing a floating vanity can be more complex than installing a traditional vanity. It requires proper wall mounting and careful consideration of the wall’s structural integrity. If the installation is not done correctly, it can lead to stability issues or even damage to the wall.

#4. Visible Plumbing

With a floating vanity, plumbing connections and pipes are often more visible than they would be with a floor-standing vanity. You may need to invest in decorative pipe covers or ensure that the plumbing is neatly concealed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Floating Vanities

Yes, floating vanities require proper and sturdy wall support. They are typically mounted to the wall using brackets or a cleat system. It’s important to ensure that the wall structure can handle the weight of the vanity and its contents. If not properly supported, a floating vanity can become unstable or even fall off the wall.
The weight capacity of a floating vanity depends on various factors, including the quality of the mounting hardware, the type of wall it’s attached to, and the overall design of the vanity. Generally, a well-installed floating vanity should be able to support the weight of the vanity itself along with the countertop, sink, and any items stored within it. It’s advisable to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines for weight limits.
The cost difference between a floating vanity and a traditional floor-standing vanity can vary based on factors such as materials, design, brand, and location. While some floating vanities may be more expensive due to the need for sturdy mounting hardware and installation expertise, others might be competitively priced. It’s best to compare options and obtain quotes from different suppliers to get a clearer understanding of the cost difference.
Installing a floating vanity can be more complex than installing a traditional vanity, primarily because of the need for proper wall support and leveling. If you have experience with DIY projects and are comfortable working with tools, you may be able to handle the installation. However, for optimal results and safety, it’s recommended to hire a professional with expertise in wall-mounted installations.
The depth of a floating vanity can vary depending on your preferences and available space. A common depth range for bathroom vanities is around 18 to 24 inches (45 to 60 cm). However, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your bathroom and the intended use of the vanity. Make sure to account for countertop overhang and any additional features you might want to incorporate.
  1. There are several ways to conceal plumbing under a floating vanity:

    • Use a decorative panel: Install a decorative panel that matches the vanity finish to cover the exposed plumbing pipes.
    • Skirt or curtain: Install a fabric skirt or curtain around the vanity to hide the plumbing while adding a decorative touch.
    • Decorative pipe covers: Use pipe covers or wraps designed to hide plumbing pipes while complementing the vanity’s design.
    • Custom cabinetry: Design the vanity with a cabinet front that covers the plumbing, ensuring easy access for maintenance when needed.


Remember to consult with a professional during the installation process to ensure that plumbing is properly routed and concealed while maintaining functionality and accessibility.

Are You Interested In A Floating Vanity In Springfield, PA?

As you can hopefully see, there are a lot of benefits to wall-mounted vanities, both from a design perspective and from a practical perspective.

In fact, as long as you think a floating vanity matches your overall bathroom aesthetic and you have enough storage in other areas of the bathroom, there’s really only one reason you might hesitate with a floating vanity: installation.

It is true that installing a floating vanity is more complicated than simply placing your traditional vanity in the bathroom, which requires no expert installation. Lucky for you, this is where the professional team at Pellak Construction in Springfield comes to the rescue.

Dedicated to providing you with vanity installation and home improvement services to make your home aesthetically pleasing but also safe for the whole family, we make installing a floating vanity seamless. We offer professional bathroom remodeling in Springfield, Broomall, Havertown, and surrounding areas in PA!

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