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9 Master Bathroom Layout Ideas for Style and Practicality

What is the perfect master bathroom layout? While it changes per household, many homeowners take advantage of similar master bathroom layout ideas to create their ideal space.

A master bathroom is a room that you use day and night, so it makes sense to create the perfect level of relaxation or luxury for yourself. In fact, any bathroom design remodel can be an exceptional way to change the look and feel of an entire home. But, it is important to remember that inspiration can start small.

Below, our experienced building and remodeling team at A.M. Pellak Construction provides a few design ideas that could be a great start.

Master bathroom layout ideas on large open bath with tub

Where To Start When Thinking About A Master Bathroom Layout

What is the first step to designing the perfect bathroom? A few things to think about before diving in are:

You may also want to look into master bathroom remodeling ideas to see if there are any you want to use. Or if you feel stuck in the process unstuck yourself with our comprehensive guide on how to renovate a bathroom.

#1 Plan A bathroom with separate toilet room

Some of the best master bathroom layouts include a separate room for the toilet. This is because privacy is a valuable commodity no matter how comfortable you are in your own bathroom.

Instead of an entirely open master-concept bathroom remodel, this option allows greater utility for two people at the same time. The toilet room could also feature a standard hinged or pocket door for additional privacy. 

separate toilet area bathroom

#2 Install A Double Vanity

Double vanities are the one luxury that every master bathroom needs, especially when it serves a busy couple who enjoy plenty of counter space.

A double vanity provides more counter space than a single vanity. You and your spouse will have your own space for your bathroom products. This means no more searching through a pile to find what you need. But, it can take up more space than a single vanity or two single vanities.

The other advantage of choosing a double vanity is the added value it can bring to your home. It maximizes your use for years to come and adds value to prospective offers if you ever want to sell your home.

wood double vanity bathroom

#3 Choose A Statement Bathtub

The beauty of personalized designs is that anything is possible. One popular item people include on their list of master bathroom layout ideas includes a bathtub that makes a bold statement. Some examples might be:

A bathtub that reflects your style brings daily satisfaction. You will love the look and feel of your bathroom, especially when you are taking a relaxing soak in your bathtub.

bathtub installation bathroom remodel

#4 Maximize Your Closet Space

Unique master bathroom floor plans include customized closet space. It is easier to decide what to wear right after a shower with a designated space inside the bathroom. You also won’t have to walk out into the colder bedroom to access your closet.

It gives you the best of both worlds as you quickly assemble the perfect outfit fresh out of the shower.

closet in bathroom remodel

#5 Always Choose The Bigger Shower

Perhaps, you have always dreamed of a shower with multiple heads and lots of space. Most homeowners do because they don’t want to feel cramped when trying to relax in their shower.

Plus, with a bigger shower comes the option for additions like shower benches. A big, spacious shower stall is an elegant touch you will appreciate every day. These benefits outweigh the fact that this is one of the master bathroom layout ideas that take up a lot of space.

Shower remodels by themselves are a great investment for homeowners.

large glass door shower remodel

#6 Create Space To Relax

Does your bathroom layout offer the luxury of relaxing before and after use? If not, imagine the possibilities that one affordable remodeling job could bring.

Adding a relaxation station is one of the more unique master bathroom layout ideas. It might be as simple as including a corner space geared entirely toward relaxation that includes:

luxury chair and rug in bathroom remodel

#8 Inquire About Corner Showers

Do you want to commit to a master bathroom remodel but prioritize saving money? Financial concerns should not stop you from moving forward; there are many ways to trim the budget.

For example, you can consider a financially smart layout choice like a corner shower. It works in most pre-existing locations and saves a considerable amount of space. It also utilizes overlooked angles to make room for other smaller changes around the bathroom.

corner shower remodel

#9 Be Bold With Symmetrical Options

Modern kitchen designs offer unique features like galley-style cabinetry, but so do master bathroom remodels.

Symmetry is invaluable in a smaller space, where mirrors and cabinets can seamlessly reflect the features of one side of the bathroom onto the other. One example would be classy vanities that are perpendicular to one to create an eye-catching and streamlined aesthetic around the entire space. 

Designing the perfect master bathroom means embracing some element of symmetry, whether in fixtures, colors, or more subtle design features. Symmetrical designs make any bathroom feel more balanced and modern, with clean lines that support the illusion of spacious luxury, even when remodelling smaller bathrooms.

bathroom symmetry flooring

Choose Trusted Pennsylvania Professionals For Your Next Remodel

Do any of these master bathroom layout ideas light up your imagination? The first step is to jot down some of the ideas you love and start thinking about making that bathroom remodeling project a reality. 

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