Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Consider

So you’re looking for master bathroom remodeling ideas, but you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there. Perhaps the design process itself is stressful, or maybe you’re not certain about what upgrades to make? Or maybe your master bathroom just isn’t fitting your needs anymore, and you require a bit of guidance about what improvements to make.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll help get your wheels turning so we can get you the master bathroom of your dreams.

We have listed out master bathroom remodeling ideas to suit a variety of tastes, needs, and bathroom sizes. 

Pick and choose the ideas that feel right to you, and don’t forget that Pellak Construction is always available to assist!

A wood floating vanity

Try A Floating Vanity

Open, airy, and ideally suited for contemporary spaces, floating vanities are a trendy design decision that many homeowners are experimenting with. Floating vanities provide you with more floor space and can make your bathroom seem even larger, which is always a bonus in our books.

Add A Skylight

One of the best bathroom remodeling ideas is to add a skylight. 

Skylights help bring natural light to the space without the need for any window dressings, meaning you can have that Villanova sunshine streaming into your bathroom all day long.

master bathroom with skylight

Let The Light In

If you can’t swing a skylight, you can still keep your space feeling bright and airy by utilizing as much window space as possible. In addition, if you want that light and airy feeling, you can stick with lighter paint colors and plenty of glass.

Treat Yourself To A Soaker Tub

A true sign of luxury, once you add a soaker tub to your master bathroom, you never regret it. You can go with something nostalgic like a clawfoot bathtub or stick with something modern and sleek. Either way, this is a master bathroom idea that is hard to get wrong.

Rainfall Shower Head

One of the best bathroom remodeling ideas that’s also very affordable? Rainfall shower heads!

We get it; if you’re not a  fan of baths, you’re probably not going to love the soaker tub idea. As an alternative, have you ever considered a rainfall showerhead

Luxurious and statement-making, a rainfall showerhead could be exactly what your master bathroom needs to take it from average to luxurious.

rain shower head

Heated Tile Floor

Speaking of luxury, we love the idea of adding heating to your tile floor. Plus, it’s perfect for in the cooler months in Villanova—once you have a heated tile floor, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

Use Unique Color Combos

While we love a modern white bathroom, playing with color can be a great opportunity to add something new and interesting to your space. Whether it’s a bright blue vanity, an emerald green accent wall, or a vibrant art piece, don’t be afraid to add color to your space.

Experiment With Shower Tiles

Just as your current master bath might play it safe with color, it’s also too common to play it safe with shower tiles. To shake things up and get out of your comfort zone, consider something like mosaic tile or even colored tile.

You can try elaborate patterns for your tile, or you can experiment with different colored stripes. Whatever the case, this is an easy way to make your bathroom stand out.

patterned shower tiles

Tile Walls

You don’t have to reserve tiles just for your floors and showers. You can also do full tile walls. This is a great eye-catching option if you’re using more high-end tiles like marble or quartz.

Go Monochromatic

If all the mentions of color and bold patterns don’t speak to you, you’ll be happy to hear that monochromatic bathrooms can also have a stunning result and are relatively easy to design and build. 

Using one color throughout your entire bathroom, these master bathroom remodeling ideas simply require you to paint your walls, ceiling, and vanity all in one color—easy and impactful.

Play With Archways

Depending on how elaborate your bathroom remodel is, it might be hard to start playing around with the architecture of your space, but if adding archways to your design is within your capabilities, this might be an idea that is worth looking into for something bold and different, like a rounded or arched doorway.

Gold Fixtures

If you want to automatically give your master bathroom an elevated feel, gold fixtures are the way to go. From your shower head to the sink faucet, gold fixtures make a statement. If gold doesn’t speak to you, you can always consider something like chrome or black. Either way, finding fixtures that suit your bathroom feel will help give the space a more cohesive look.

colorful bathroom backslpash

Try Wallpaper

If wallpaper has you flashing back to memories of your grandmother’s bathroom, think again. Wallpaper has recently become very popular in Villanova for its ability to add color, shape, texture, and pattern to a space. While wallpapering an entire master bathroom might be a lot, consider an accent wall of wallpaper.

What About A Fireplace?

That’s right, homeowners are installing gas fireplaces into their master bathroom, and we can’t think of anything that screams luxury more than sitting in a soaker tub next to a fireplace. 

It’s one of the most unique bathroom remodeling ideas, but it’s for sure an upgrade that’ll boost your quality of life and the resale value of your bath. 

Bring Your Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Life

We hope these master bathroom remodeling ideas have given you some inspiration to get your project started. No matter how much time you put into thinking about the remodel process, it can be very overwhelming. This is where the professional services of Pellak Construction can be helpful.

Not only can we help you nail down the exact look and feel you want from your master bathroom, but we’re also a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience. Our team ensures that your project is done with attention to detail, professionalism, and excellent craftsmanship that you can rely on for years to come.

If you’re ready to try some of these master bathroom remodeling ideas, request your free quote right now or call us directly at (610) 543-2479 and let’s discuss your upcoming project!