What Is Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets And Is It Worth It?

Spray-painting hardwood cabinets

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, one of the biggest changes you’ll make (and most likely the most expensive one) will be your kitchen cabinets. And because they take a lot of space in your new kitchen, it’s impossible to overlook them or skip them entirely. Outdated cabinets will break the mood of your kitchen […]

Nine Master Bathroom Layout Ideas For Your Home

What is the perfect master bathroom layout? While it changes per household, many homeowners take advantage of similar master bathroom layout ideas to create their ideal space. A master bathroom is a room that you use day and night, so it makes sense to create the perfect level of relaxation or luxury for yourself. In […]

The Best Guide To How To Renovate a Bathroom in 2023

newly remodeled bathroom

A spacious, well-designed bathroom is a vital component in your Villanova home—the room where homeowners start and end each day. If the features and layout of your bathroom do not serve your needs, it may be time for a bathroom remodel. Read on to learn how to renovate a bathroom. From creating a timeline and […]

21 Bathroom Mirror Ideas That Will Suit Your Space

backlit bathroom mirror featured image

Almost every bathroom needs a mirror. A mirror can help you check your appearance, apply makeup, or shave. Nowadays, a mirror can do more than just show you how you look. Adding a mirror can enhance the functionality of your bathroom and illuminate the space by reflecting natural light. Whether you plan to redecorate or […]

6 Bathroom Flooring Ideas: Which One Is Right for You?

bathroom flooring

Every room in your house has specific needs depending on the intended use of that room, none more so than your bathroom. Bathroom flooring ideas are essential because this space will see more traffic than any room in your home. Bathrooms are also more likely to experience hot, humid conditions and collect water on the […]

Why Consider Floating Vanities For Your New Bathroom

Dark stone double floating vanity

Have you ever taken the time to consider floating vanities for bathrooms? We get it; when it comes to remodeling your bathroom, you have no shortage of decisions to make, and let’s be honest, choosing a vanity style might not be on your list of priorities. You might be more concerned with paint colors, bathroom vanity […]

Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Consider

master bathroom remodel

So you’re looking for master bathroom remodeling ideas, but you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there. Perhaps the design process itself is stressful, or maybe you’re not certain about what upgrades to make? Or maybe your master bathroom just isn’t fitting your needs anymore, and you require a bit of guidance about what […]

14 Top Bathroom Backsplash Ideas 2022

Tile backsplash in bathroom

You deserve the home bathroom of your dreams. Bathrooms have tons of different components, but one crucial part is your bathroom backsplash. There are a lot of bathroom backsplash ideas, tons of styles, materials, colors, and layouts, so your decision can be overwhelming. Choosing a backsplash that speaks to your style and vision is not […]

Why You’ll Love Vessel Sinks For Your Bathroom

Two vessel sinks in bathroom

Have you considered a vessel sink for your bathroom? A direct descendent of the original washbasins, vessel sinks can become the showy centerpiece of your next bathroom remodel. They lend a high-end panache to any décor and can dramatically change the look of an old, traditional bathroom vanity area. What Is A Vessel Sink? Vessel […]

Will A Shower Remodel Actually Pay Off Or Not?

shower remodel project PA

If you’re thinking about getting a shower remodel or a tub to shower conversion, there are a few things you’ll need to know before you begin your project.  Naturally, you want to know if your home remodeling project will be worth it or not. After all, who wants to do something that won’t help in […]